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I'm Hoping to Join the Navy

Well, Ever since I was 18 I had this feeling that I wanted to join the military, but I have a heart condition. Its not so much a heart condition, cause I just had a surgery when I was a tiny little baby of a couple weeks old. When I was born I had a Pinched Aorta, so no blood flowed to my lower extremities that well. So they put me under and cut my main artery out of my left arm and fixed the aorta in a procedure called the Coarctation of the Aorta. My left arm is of normal size, I just have No real measurable blood flow.

Anyways, back in Highschool, I was told that I couldn't make it in. I'm 24 now... And my Aunt who is in the Naval Reserves knows a Commander in the Navy and she got to talking to him and he told me that as long as my Cardiologist sees me as fit and normal, then there shouldn't be a problem. So I went to the Cardiologist last October and Got seen, and he gave me a paper saying everything is normal.

So, Yesterday my girl and I go down to the Recruiter's office and talk to them, find out how to go about getting in, and her being with me too (we have been wanting to get married for two years now, but financially we can't afford it - been together for almost four years). The Recruiter said that if we're serious on getting married We'd better do it before I sign up because it makes it easier to have her with me, and I'd get the benefits sooner. Like the housing, and extra pay.

So, I tried getting them to make copies of my medical papers so they could send it up to Tallahassee but their copier was broken. They don't open till 9am today, so as soon as they open I'm heading up there to hand them the papers. I'm hoping I can get in. I've always wanted to join the Navy. My Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa and a few Uncles were in the Navy, its kinda a family thing...

The only fear I have of joining is the dreaded Gas mask thing during Boot Camp (provided I actually get the green light to join).

The Girl and I talked it over all day yesterday, and figured out why not, and if I'm allowed to join, and as soon as we can scrounge together $106.50 we're headed to the courthouse to get married, then after boot camp and when I can take my first week of leave we're gonna have the ceremony.

Just thought I'd share my story with you all... And If any Military guys and Navy guys especially if any of you were in or are still in, can tell me bout your experiences and a heads up on what to expect. My scores are gonna be high, so I might qualify for Nuke, but I dunno if that is what I want or what, there are only Two High Demand jobs open right now, Doesn't mean I can't get what I want, it will just be a waiting period till I'm shipped away, but if I score high enough to get the high demand stuff, then I think I will take it...


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Well Steven, sorry to hear about your troubles as you were younger, but glad to hear everything has worked out with that. Good luck to you on both getting into what you want to be doing [Navy] and thank you for your coming service.

Also good luck to your and your girlfriend. Trust me man, i know what it's like. I've been with my fiance for 5 years and we are getting married in August, and it ain't cheap..lol

Good luck to you and I hope everything works out bro!

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If you want to marry her def do it BEFORE you go in. It will make things a lot easier, and you will be more likely to get a stationing that she can come with you on.

The gas mask thing was not as big of a deal as we thought it would be. It was really pretty quick, and the CS gas they use is irritating, but harmless.

If this is what you want to do I wish you good luck. You will not regret serving.

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Wooo a Navy guy . Good luck to you and your girl man, its gotta be tough doing everything at once I guess. I thought you could only do the nuclear program as an officer? I remember going to the recruiter last year and them babbling about it, I'll be doing aviation when I get out of school.

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Good Luck to ya and thank you for your future service

Originally Posted by Cobaltxfe09 View Post
:bangs****ingheadagainstthewall: :throwshandsupindisgust: i give up...lol
this is when mike decided to give up his balt ^^

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good luck for your new career move and getting married.
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good Luck on the Navy thing and getting married!!!! Nothin wrong with gettin married!! HAHAHA Its all gonna be ok. Just dont argue with er. She is always right ::wink wink wink::

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hey g'luck to you with getting into the navy as you're hoping. and best of wishes to you and your girlfriend too as you seriously think about getting married.
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I turned in the paperwork they needed from me today, they are sending it off to get looked at and I guess a waiver signed or something... I'm really hoping to get in. I think it will be fun, and I'll have some real experience with something instead of just "another job". As for the marriage thing, we will still wait if I can't get in just cause of the money thing, but If I can get in, you bet we're getting married before.

I just wish I could know for sure on if I can get in or not.
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