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okay, so i know this thread is almost 3 months old now, but i'm going to try this anyway. the pics for this wont display on my page, were you hosting them and moved em?
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yeah i was hosting them and then they closed the site or something i guess...
i will see if i still have them

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I as well am trying to do this. I would like to do it to my 08 cobalt sport. Where would i find the pics that you were showing, because i cant see them?
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Did anyone find a copy of the pics?
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No, but i just figured it out on my own. I found the easiest way to do it was to just take off the head light, and the mount. Then removed the airbox as well. I took off one bolt attached to the frame on the silencer, and the plug that was damn near impossible to reach i just cut off with a hacksaw lol. It was just a clip. So if need be, i can replace it. But it was just to hard to try to unclip with a flathead due to the location so i jsut said **** it lol. Anyways now my 08 sport sounds much more throaty. As people said it would. But i have a nice hole in my wheel well which will fit nicely for a CAI eventually.
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remove headlight bracket.

remove silencer assembly.

this is the air silencer. part you want to remove.

base of the factory airbox. reinstall.

pic of the hole after silencer is removed.
final product.
hope this helps those looking to do this mod.
as with any take responsibility in doing yourself. i am not responsible for errors made while doing this project...
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Originally Posted by TenYearsBeOhBe View Post
Decent write-up. Though not really the easiest way to go about doing this. It's much easier and much less risk to your bumper to just jack the car up and remove the wheel well, from this method you unscrew the two bolts holding it in and it'll just drop right out with ease. Only bad part is that there are at least 10 or so tiny screws holding the wheel well in...

Performance leaves you wanting really. It will make the intake louder. Some believe that it allows you to hold the gears out a little further because you are getting less restricted airflow. More air in, more air out, is always a good rule of thumb for tweaking any car, but again, you're not really going to see any significant gains until you put the time and money into multiple upgrades...
I agree but when i did this i didnt pull out the whole wheel well lining i just pulled out maybe the first 5 rivets that hold it in and stuck both hands in there to pull it off

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Removal of air silencer

When the air silencer is removed, would you need to install a piece of straight pipe to reconnect the air box -> intake, or is there a hole that needs to be covered up with duct tape???
Is there any chance or water getting sucked in after the silencer is removed?

I'm not 100% certain how this silencer hooks up to the the intake system...

I would like to remove it this weekend, but would like to certain of all the steps.
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Once you remove the silencer, thats it. Nothing else is required. You would have more of a chance sucking up water WITH the silencer than without it.

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did the air box mod today thanks guys made it real simple with this thread ! definitely a noticeable change of sound with the aid of my K&N air filter
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