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2005 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L Cranks, won't start after alt replacement

About 2 weeks ago the alternator went out on me when driving my wife's car. I was driving home, the charge system failure message came up, then it went into battery save mode, I got pulled over as it died, battery was dead. Charged and jumped it, but it died again after a few seconds. I knew what it was based on the message and it did exactly what my car did a few years ago when it's alternator went out. Read a bunch and watched some videos specifically with the Cobalt about replacing the alternator then dug in and pulled it out and had an alternator guy rebuild it. Came back looking good as new. Got it put back in, replaced the belt also since I had it off and it looked to be dry rotted. But now, it will not start. The belt and everything is spinning up, it seems to be cranking fine, just won't start. It started fine before I took the thing apart so I'm thinking I did something.

My first thought is the car was pretty grimy when I started taking crap apart and I start wiping stuff down some as I went. When I took the cover off the air filter and the side of that unit that covers the throttle body, I noticed the throttle body was really grimy and wiped it some on the inside. I also pushed on it, which I think could be the really stupid thing I did that screwed everything up. After I did that I went looking to figure out a better way to clean it and found people saying not to mess with it because it's pretty sensitive. I guess I'm wondering is this likely the issue? If it is, is there anything I can do besides buying a whole new throttle body?

I'll probably try to sit down and take the whole mess apart again tomorrow just to make sure I didn't accidentally unplug some sensor somewhere. Also, the battery was disconnected the whole time I was working on this, about a week. I disconnected before removing the alternator and didn't hook it back up until the alt was back in.
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Video of it doing it's thing. Not sold on the idea I messed up the throttle body at this point, but not sure what the deal is.

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