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Cold Stalling, Torque Converter?

My 07' 2LT Coupe has been stalling when the car is cold (only from Oct. to Mar.) for the past 2 winters. During the summer, it is perfectly fine (stalling wise). It has been shifting funny in my opinion for 2 years, year round. On a straight away at a constant speed, it feels like its pulling me forward in between shifts. The car has never been above 19 mpg since I got it, and it has now read 15.2 mpg for the past 3 months.

I have had this car at the dealer more than 7 times for a week each time, but they claim the car has not acted up for them at all and never throws any codes. Every single time I get into the car, the first few times I come to a stop, the car shudders and stalls out. Finally, after two years, I asked my neighbor who is a mechanic to come over and back my car out of my driveway (uphill) to show him what its doing. The car acted up like crazy (shuddering and stalling in gear) and he said he is 100% sure it is a transmission issue, most likely my torque converter. He was able to replicate the problem over 10 times in a row so I'm hoping he knows what he's talking about.

Anyone here have any input? Does it sound like the torque converter is the issue? If so, can a torque converter be changed without removing the entire engine? I'm more of an electrical guy than an engine guy so any help/input is greatly appreciated.
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Torque converter is between engine and tranny -- HAVE to remove tranny to replace it.

A torque converter can "draw" an engine down in revs but wouldn't make it run rough like you describe. Does it run rough out of gear? try cleaning the MAF and checking for leaks around the intake system (all the plastic connections from the filter to the throttle body). Have your mechanic friend talk to the service manager.

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It does not run rough out of gear. When it is cold out, if I don't let it warm up at least 15 mins, the first few times I come to a stop, it will shudder and stall. If I let it warm up for like 20 mins, it runs perfectly fine (no stalling). But all year round, between shifts, it seems like it wants to pull or something, sort of shifting harder. What my neighbor did was he put the car in gear, held his foot on the brake, pushed down the accellerator, and the car would begin to shudder and eventually stall out.

I have cleaned the MAF, throttle body, put a new air filter in, and cleaned out all the hoses and it had absolutely no effect.

I am at wits end here. This had been going on for 2 years, 6 months out of the year and I really am almost about to give up and trade it in. I love the car and have put a ton of work into it so I really dont want to let it go right now.
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Yea sounds like the TC isn't unlocking which would cause a shudder and stall...sorta like not pushing the clutch in on a manual. Take it to the dealer and insist on a new converter. If they won't do it call the GM customer line. Problem is dealers don't know crap without a code being thrown...I feel your pain brother.
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