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Steering Wheel Shaking and Vibration..what Causes This?

This has been happening for a few months now. When i'm driving between 60-70 mph my steering wheel with start shaking and you can feel in the gas pedal that there is some vibration. Took it to the dealership and they said I need to get my routers turned. Got them turned and still had the same problem. Then they said I needed to replace my rim(because I had hit a curb and put a big dent into it) so I replaced the rim and got all 4 new tires. Still having the same problem so I just recently took it back like 3 weeks ago and then they say that my front two tires are unbalanced and then they decide to scratch that theory out and said that my back axle is bent. I was told that its called my cv shaft and that I need to know if I have drum or disk brakes to replace my rear axle. Does anyone know what is going on with my car? I feel like the dealership is just trying to get money out of me. But are they right or wrong? I'm kinda curious as to how my rear axle can make my steering wheel shake and my gas pedal have some vibration...can someone explain that to me cause it makes no sense.

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Have you tried an alignment?
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They said they got new tires, they normal balance and align them when you get new ones. I would say its your breaks?

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Also could be CV joints, boots or a bad half shaft?

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Does the shaking occur only when you brake, or in general when driving around 60-70 MPH?

Google finds a lot on both of these, just look up "steering wheel shakes when.." then either "braking over 60 MPH" or "driving over 60 MPH." It looks like you've exhausted most of the causes, the dealership might just be ****ing around with you.
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My car did this when my tires were horribly out of balance.
It also did this when my rotors were warped but it only happened during braking...
I would watch out for the dealership trying to get your money b/c they can be very good at that
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My Wheel shakes especially when braking from speeds of 60+ i am guessing that its my brakes, they haven't been changed in a while and my rear drums have yet to be changed

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i've never had an alignment when i got new tires. they just balanced the wheels. i'd look into an alignment?
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I'm having a similar issue. I just bought some new wheels and tires (17 in Ruff racing r934 wrapped in delinte tires) and i've been getting some serious vibration when braking from medium to high speeds. My tires have been balanced and re-balanced, my rotors have been turned and re-turned with no results. I'm communicating with the site i bought them from to see if i need some extra spacers or different rings or something. At freeway speeds i'll get a little vibration while coasting on and off. Still have little factory brakes so maybe i need bigger ones or something, the dealership wont help me cuz their aftermarket.
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Mine use to do it till i got new tires. but mine didnt do it all the time.

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