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Hi Beams Problem.

This question is about my Aunt's 2008 Cobalt, the turn signal doesn't click off when she makes a turn, unless said turn is intentionally VERY sharp. I also pointed out that the headlights, when switched to high-beams, go out completely. Occasionally the lights will turn back on and be fine, but recently it's been more of a "Hey, we don't feel like lighting up, Bro." She took it in to the dealer because she gets her free tires or whatever for doing her oil changes there, and asked them about the problem. She then tells me it's going to cost her a couple hundred bucks to fix what I think is a Chevy problem, and that the "Service Associate" says when he was driving it to see, he hit a bump and noticed some shaking which is a "problem with the steering column" of which she will be charged for anything that has to be done for that.

I'm hoping someone could tell me more about whether this is a chevy problem or not, because I'm pretty sure you can't just "**** up" the wiring in the steering colum. I also think that if the dealership's employee hit a bump and then noticed some shaking, that means it was something he did. Thanks for the answers and input ahead of time, I'm just trying to look out for her since she's not too good with cars. :<
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As far as the lights go it probably is some wiring issues or what not. My Cobalt does the same exact thing with the directional. Does not turn off unless it is a sharp turn. Does not effect my car at all, it's just a hastle to have to keep clicking it off. Sometimes I drive for a while before noticing it. The steering column I would say have your Aunt have another mechanic take a look at it. And if there truley is a problem than get it fixed. Mechanics basically look for problems when they get your car, because well the more they "fix" the more $ goes in there pocket. I wnt and got an oil change a month ago and when I got back the mechanic told me they had to replace my air filter. My question for them was why were you looking at my air filter for an oil change. I had them throw the old back in and got the new one for free and put it in myself. So just have another mechanic take a look just to double check it.
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i know lots of people here have had their steering columns replaced, me included, and i believe some of those ppl have also had electrical issues that are almost definitely related to the wiring within and along the steering column. if the dealer says they wont fix the steering and the wiring, go to another dealer and report the previous dealer to gm and the better buisness bureau cuz thats total bs. my dealership had no problems replacing my steering column, blinker switch, hazard switch and my onstar computer, all because i complained about a bit of a squeak from the steering while at slow speeds. maybe that was overkill on their part, but your dealership should be shut down if they wont recognize and fix your aunts problem for FREE. however, my repairs took an entire month due to the fact that they couldnt get the onstar part for almost 4 weeks, i got free loaners in the meantime so no biggy for me. they also replaced my battery cuz the onstar computer would do automatic diagnostics every 5 or 10 mins, so it ruined the battery in no time. tons of problems with my car, no problems with the dealership...

good luck!!!

man am i glad i didn't buy an aveo...
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Awesome. Thank you guys very much. I talked to my aunt and she says that the reason she is going to have to pay so much is that there's a mysterious unnamed "part" in danger of falling off somewhere in the front end. This part is going to cost $500, not including labor. I've noticed this doesn't seem to be an issue when I take her vehicle in for maintenance or to have a problem checked out, and usually they're really good with handling the things I ask about. She thinks they do this because it's her bringing the car in, and since she "Doesn't know about it" that they assume she'll just go along with whatever they say is wrong. I plan on either calling them later today or going in to pick her car up when they call to let her know that it's ready. Thanks again. Hopefully the issue is resolved quickly.
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The lights extinguishing when on high beams with turn signal is a switch issue. If her car is under warranty, they should replace it without any charge.

If the car is out of warranty, then that will be an out of pocket repair.

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