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Tune Up

what do they do when they do a 50000 mile tune up. the dealership i got my car from keeps emailing me to bring it in and i was wondering if i can just do the tune up myself for cheeper or take it to my buddys dads shop and get it all done
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Really all that needs to be done @ 50000 is replacing the air & cabin filters,the fuel filter if it's accesible, and maybe the transmission fluid & filter if it's been driven under "severe" conditions. Most everything else holds off til around 100000 (replacing spark plugs, plug boots, transmission fluid & filter under "normal conditions", cooling system).
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In my experience, plugs NEVER last 100k miles. You can replace them at 40k and you will see they are already worn or have excessive gap. You can do the filters yourself, even the transmission one. Its incredibly easy. Parts for everything will be @ $150 but if you go to the dealer, they will charge you closer to $600! And dont be fooled by all the items listed as "check" because they never do "check" anything. Its just a scam to make it appear like they are doing more than they actually are.

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Well i bought it used at 44000 miles and they claimed to do a 80something point inspecting. i already put a new air filter in it cause i wanted a k&n one spark plugs shouldent be to hard. i use to do all the work on my saturn so i have some idea on what im doing and if i dont i can have my friend help. thanks for the info
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Not a fan of the manual...

Forget those dealer packages... I'm with Neddy. "Checks" are a scam to over-represent labor and upsell.

I tend to be a bit anal, but this is what I do:
Plugs every 35K
Trans fluid every 25K
Fuel filter every 15K
Drain/Refill coolant every 50K (extended life)
Hoses every 60K
Oil changes every 3K (non-synthetic)
Brake inspections whenever I feel like actually bending over...
Times I've been stranded or hit with a big $ repair = 0

I know the manual recommends waiting a LOT longer on these, but I just don't agree with that. Plugs showed wear at 35,000 and I'll be danged if I'll let my transmission go 100K without new fluids. In my humble opinion, being generous with TLC on the critical systems/components is the only way to prevent big expensive repairs. That, and fluids are really cheap insurance on a car.

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yea most of the stuff the dealer does for tune ups and than some is a thing you can do on your own if you are just alittle bit mechanically inclined

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Forget the dealership. They will never care for your car as much as you do. The last two times my car was serviced was by two different dealerships, both of good rep.

Last week I pulled the factory air filter out with almost 60,000 miles on it. It was obvious the filter should have been changed long ago, but neither of them did it.

All they want to do is sell more cars. That is the single reason for their existence.

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