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A/C and stalling. Incredibly Frustrated.

Seeking (non)professional opinions. Of any color.

Brief background: 08 Balt. 44k miles. The car battery was COMPLETELY drained (by a left-on accessory) for three days about a month ago. I jumped it and ran it for an hour. The next week it was dead again (intermittent driving; was out of state). I jumped it, and it ran fine until three days ago.

Three days ago, my aftermarket radio started shorting out (resetting) when the music was loud. I figured it was a wiring issue (it's been in for 2 years with no problems). About five minutes later, my AC lights turned off and warm air was trickling from my vents, no matter how high I turned the knob (0-4), no air was coming out.

Then I pushed in the clutch and the car legit STALLED on the highway. I couldn't get it to turn back on, so I pulled off the road. After about 20 minutes, it started and I drove it 30 mins to my destination. Then, an hour later, I drove it 2.5 hours back to my home state. The radio was working fine, but the AC turned off about 2 hours into my trip. Then, thinking that the car would stall again, I pulled into a truck stop and turned off the car. I checked the oil (it was fine) and coolant (again, fine). I went to turn my car back on, and it tried to turn over, then clicked over-and-over. I called Roadside Assistance (which was AWESOME, btw). I tried starting the car, and my POWER STEERING ICU message came on. Then the battery light illuminated. When Roadside came out, the car jumped without an issue, and I made it the final 30 mins back home. I took it to Autozone the next day, and they said my battery reading was fine and the alternator was fine, but that my battery had a dead cell and should be replaced. I took it to the dealership TODAY, and they couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with the car, battery or otherwise.

Does anyone have ANY ideas, similar experiences, etc. that might illuminate this at all?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the help. This is a great community, and I'm happy to be here.


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Well, after an $80 diagnostics fee, the dealership says that my car battery is likely the issue -- it is holding a charge, but the voltage ranges from 12.1V - 15.2V, where steady should be 14.2?

Price to replace it? $160.00.

I said "no, thank you" and am picking it up later today. AutoZone quoted me $99.99 for a battery replacement.

Still, no one with ideas? Does the battery sound right?
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sounds right. you could probably get the same battery from walmart for even cheaper if you're looking to save a little bit more on it. (not that I'd have them install or anything, just a simple swap)

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Bah. AutoZone (today) said that the battery holds a charge, but their reader still says "Bad Battery. Replace now." -- The guy thinks it could be a bad cell, but doesn't think that a bad cell would lead to serious problems (like the engine turning off).
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Well, I bought a new battery yesterday and TODAY the battery light came back on. I'm completely stumped. Anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas? The dealership said there was nothing wrong with the car and that my best bet was to replace the battery (as it was "faulty" with a "bad cell"). Help?
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