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Throwing Check Engine Light?

Okay, here''s the story:

One of my really good friends that i work with has her permit and she wants to try to get her license by october, so i've been letting her drive (im really anal about letting others drive my car, but recently there have been no problems). Well.. she was going about 20mph and there was a skunk in the road that popped out of nowhere and she ran it over. I could feel/hear it go under the car. Nothing happened.. engine temp was fine; car seemed fine. We continued driving. Well i guess my drivers' side floor mat was starting to slip (it tends to move around a bit), so she pulls to the side of the road, and before she completely stopped, she put it in park. That pissed both me and the car off, but i kept it cool, seeing as shes still learning. After that everything seemed fine. Well, after work i was going to let her drive home and thats when i noticed the check engine light was on. I told her i will drive since i was trying to figure out why my check engine light came on. Upon driving, i started to notice that when i went to brake, the RPM needle kinda hesitated then started going down. I also noticed when driving about 25-30mph my RPM was sitting roughly around 1800...that normal? When driving higher speeds my RPM was normal.. (driving 70mph-RPM 2500.).

Also, from time to time, i'll be driving and just randomly the RPM needle will go up and down like its having a seizure. I can usually feel it happening.. I tend to call it "being stuck in gears", although i doubt thats what happening. I usually just take my foot off the gas and put it back on and it goes away.

So it could be one of those 3 things.. im guessing its something with my transmission.... my boyfriends' dad is going to see if he can get one of those things that checks the code from his brother, so then i'll know what it is. But any ideas are appreciated... i dont know the transmission very well.

2008 Chevy Cobalt LT. Everything stock.

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go to advance auto they will let you use there code machine once you do that write the codes down and look them up in this thread

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Originally Posted by Troublemaker View Post
I also noticed when driving about 25-30mph my RPM was sitting roughly around 1800...that normal?
That sounds normal to me. How fast was your friend going when she stuck it in Park?

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the parking pin shouldnt damage the rest of the transmission. it's an expensive fix, but normally it will just grind and not do much so it's rare that anyone actually has to fix it. the mil light is simple, just get the codes pulled at auto zone for free. report back here with the codes. auto zone will try to sell you parts and services. take it with a heavy grain of salt. free dtc scan is a gimmick to get you in there and spend money.

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