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Thumbs down List of problems under 15,000 miles

I have put about 14,000 miles on my 2010 Cobalt LT Sedan. (Automatic/Cruise Control/2.2/16 inch Alloys) And I have to admit, the car is very nice. Drives nicely, comfortable seats and decent gas mileage. But there has been numerous small, quirky, and serious god damn problems with it.

First, my back right window creeks and cracks while rolling up

Each electronic feature saps one another when used (Example: Head lights AND dome light dims significantly while rolling windows from all the way down to all the way up)

While doing a typical "California Roll" of a stop sign, or making a full and complete stop; upon re-acceleration my it will skip/slip/sputter significantly.. BS

My cruise control seems to try and screw my mpg whenever possible. Doing 55 on the freeway, no wind it wants to push out 2500 RPMS? Are you ****ing kidding me? Also, I have reached out to a few members here for advice about improving fuel efficiency - While not in cruise control my RPMs seem too high on some long drives as well.. 65 mph 3000 RPMs 75 mph 3600 RPMs

I have taken the car in for condensation in BOTH headlights.

I have taken it in for multiple fan and A/C issues (A/C would blow harder and softer ON IT'S OWN) BS

Also, it had to be taken in for the A/C not blowing as cold as it can

If anyone of you have had ANY of these problems please reply. Because I wanted to keep this car forever, but now I'm considering traded ALREADY because it's a piece of shit.

The dealership is J***** Auto Plaza in Cathedral City, Ca - Avoid it!

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Rocket Power
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The only problems I have encountered so far are warped rotors (several times) and faulty outside temp sensor (twice) Other wise it's been pretty solid! I have 14,400 on her now.

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I've had the a/c issues. Once when my sis had it the clutch seized and screwed alot of shit up.
Haven't had the best of gas mileage (around 28mpg with mixed highway/city driving) but my rpms are consistent with where they should be for the speed. I noticed driving lightly it wont shift out of 3rd (might be 4th) until 46 mph at 2200 rpms. but when I accelerate somewhat heavy footed it shifts out at like 40 mph and around 2100 rpms. It has weird shift points.
I don't have power windows or rear for that matter so no issues there.
Other random problems include a bad intermediate shaft, blown front speakers, and a service airbag light that comes on whenever it feels like. Along with the power steering recall. Sooo many stupid issues that should never happen.

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haven't rly had many issues and I put 45,000KM's on the car in a year and a half. Honestly, I love my cobalt and yeah, it may have a less-than-appealing interior (who cares) and a few little quirks but it's CHEAP and still RELIABLE, and it has a decent KICK to it in terms of power. And I think it's pretty nice looking. Another thing...treat your car with respect and it will return the favor.

It's too bad you're having those issues, I haven't rly experienced any of those yet. Hopefully you can find a dealer that will fix them for you.

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I havent had one issue with my balt. No random noises no issues no nothing. I love my balt lol I guess my only isue is warped rotor right now lol But thats a common issue and I drive hard so I brake hard lol

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Thanks for the replies, guys.
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