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Could It Really Be This Simple....?

I've been fighting a misfiring/stalling issue for a while. Since November-ish, I have cleaned (and later replaced) the throttle body, changed all 4 spark plugs, cleaned (and later replaced) all 4 injectors, had the fuel filter replaced, and cleaned the MAF sensor. I'm not stalling out anymore, but I'm still misfiring. While the missing isn't enough to trigger the CEL, it's still annoying, as every time I come to a stop, I can feel the missing in my butt. :-(

The other day, I was playing around on google and found that one of the causes of misfiring is a dirty air filter. To be honest, I haven't got a clue when the air filter was changed last (if ever), or what it looks like (hubby and I checking it out tonight). Is the information I found on google accurate, and could it really be something this simple???
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I doubt it, but just change it if it's very dirty anyway and try, or run for a short trip without it to see. Just don't go very far without the filter. My guess is electrical. I would look at the condition of the plugs for one that don't seem to be firing clean. I've had plugs fail before. Even new ones.

Followup, You need about 15 to 1 air to fuel to burn clean. If you filter is that bad it should be easy to tell. Just try and shine a bright light through it after dusting it off or vacuum. If you can't detect the light it's too dirty. You did not say you checked the coil pacts so one of them could be bad but looking the the plugs should show which coil or plug, etc is causing the miss, Good luck

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Hubby checked air filter last night. Said it's fine. Guess we'll just wait for the misfiring to throw a CEL again. It's not HORRIBLE, just annoying as crap.
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