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Annual Maintenance Plan at Dealer + Oil Change Question

My car is almost a year old now (11,000 KM) and my oil life indicator is getting low (15%) so I called in my local dealer to make an appointment for my oil change and then they start to told me that oil change is $42 (which is not very expensive even compared to supermarkets such as Walmart), BUT I also have to pay an extra $99 to visually inspect my car for detecting potential problems. I asked the girl if $99 include any adjustments or repairs, such as cleaning the rear brakes drums and stuff like that and NO, $99 only include a visual inspection to find loose things, fluid leaks and stuff like that. Brake maintenance are extra $!

Usually I always answer NO to this kind of extra services and just getting my oil changed, but the girl begins to tell me that it could cause warranty issues and it is important to do because I actually just ran 12,000 km a year and my car does not ran much.

This is my 12th car in my life and I always do maintenance by myself, so now I feel a little "rookie" because I do not know if I should pay $99 at the dealer for that and even if I should go do my oil change at the dealer? Does everyone here have their oil changed at the dealer? If not, what kind of oil do you put in your car? Because if I'm going anywhere else and put (by example) some Valvoline 5w30 mineral oil, do my oil will last for 11.000 KM as dealer oil? I'm pretty sure the dealer does NOT put synthetic oil form $42 because synthetic oil change in supermarkets cost at least 70$ but maybe it's some specific semi-synthetic oil, perhaps?

I am very confused!! You would be very nice to help me a little on the subject of maintenance and engine oil! My appointment is only for the next Thursday (Mai 19th) so I have the time to change my mind!

Thank you very much!

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I do all my own maintenance, keep all the receipts and records. I use Mobile One but from the factory synthetic is not used.
A stealership will never see my car until I need them for warranty work, If i were you I would tell then to shove their $99 up their ass, but thats just me. This is exact-ally why dealerships get a bad name, telling a customer that they need to spend $99 to see if there are any potential problems with a car that has 11,000 KM or less than 7000 miles. For one there should be NO issues at 7000 miles and if there are they should be taken care of for free due to a shitty manufacturing process. Just my 2cents...
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I'm going to agree, $99 is ridiculous just to LOOK at a car. Firestone checks mine out for free when I get my oil changed. I've only gone to the dealership for the recalls, I have a family mechanic (my dads known him foooorever) and I go to firestone to get my oil changed cause its right by my apt. Plus its only $40 for full synthetic there and they've been sending me $10 - $20 off coupons lately. (:
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99 bucks to LOOK at your car and see if anything is wrong.... you can do that yourself for free man... and changing the oil is so easy. I have changed my oil on all my cars, and the cobalt is among the easiest to change, plus i save money, and get the satisfaction of doing my own maintenance and knowing it was done correctly. I use Penzoil ultra class synthetic 5W-30 for $28 and it works great. hope this helps
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