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Location of the Remote Entry Receiver

Hi...Does anyone know the physical location of this receiver? I've been told it is under the dash, in the center console, and vaious other locations. I can't get my key fob to sync up to the car. The stealership suggested the receiver may be bad, or possibly a bad wire, but couldn't, or wouldn't tell me where it's located. Before I can check any of this, I need to know where it is. I have a 2006 Cobalt LT. Thanks
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My manual says the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver unit is under the right dash trim panel, above the passenger’s inflator module.

I don't believe attempting to service it would be a great idea, however; you'd still need a scan tool to program it. The RCDLR also receives the RF signal from your tire pressure sensors (TPMS). So, if you're still receiving TPMS data, chances are it's not the RCDLR that's malfunctioning.

Have you ruled out the key fob as a more likely issue? Most auto stores have a test unit to help you determine whether or not your fob is functioning. It's possible that you need to replace the battery and simply reset the transmitter, which you can do without a scan tool if it's one that is stored in the computer's memory.

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I've taken the car to my dealer to get it re-programed. The car doesn't recognize the fob. They checked the fob too. Wanted $80 just to look at it then whatever the actual hours to fix it plus the inflated parts cost. I don't have tire pressure sensors and mine is a 2006 Cobalt LT Coupe. Thanks for the reply....the two years must be different.
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