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I Just Want to Cry!!!!

Misfiring on all 4 cylinders now. (Started on just 2.)

Since Oct/Novish, I have had the following done (not necessarily in this order):

-New fuel filter (October-ish)

-Cleaned throttle body (Nov)

-Replaced throttle body (shortly after Christmas)

-Replaced alternator (same time as new throttle body, know this doesn't really apply to this issue, but thought i'd include it)

-Replaced shifter and door lock switch (see note just above)

-Replaced spark plugs (Feb, with Autolite platinums, all 4)

-Cleaned MAF (Feb-ish)

-New ignition coil (March)

-New injectors (April, all 4 of them)

-Replaced plugs and cleaned MAF again (late May, this time with AC Delcos, again all 4)

My mechanic told me that basically, the misfiring on 2 cylinders caused me to stall out. (The stalling was what told me there was a problem back last fall/winter.) Around Feb she started shaking, which until recently, I hadn't realized that it was misfiring so bad that it was making my whole car shake. My mechanic has checked spark plug hoses and checked for vacuum leaks. (Can't remember when exactly, but it's been since Feb.) He's telling me the next step is the ECM. Any other thoughts/ideas?? Or should I just go ahead and dole out the dough for a new computer???

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For those of you that remember my story, I apologize for all the re-reading. I keep thinking it's fixed and then find out, "Oh, no, it's not.", and my work schedule has been BEYOND crazy here lately, so I haven't had too much time to get on YC. :-(
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Teri, it is really a shame that you are having all of these issues and with everything you have already had fixed or replaced, I really don't know what to tell you to try next. I really hate saying this next statement, I really do, but maybe it is time to go to the dealer. I hate saying that..... But They have scan tools and programs that are GM specific, that regular mechanics just cant get. It will cost you some money but your are to the point right now that you could not even sell the car with it's issues, well you could but you would not get anything for it. I also do not usually recommend this but maybe you should look into some other ecotec specific or cobalt forums to ask this question, because you are not getting your answers here. Don't leave us completely but there is someone somewhere who can answer your question. Good luck Teri and I hope you get your answer.
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Well said.

Having a fast honda is like coming out of the closet. you surprise everyone at first, but in the end your still gay.
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this really sucks.
Would looking into buying a new engine be an option? If you looked around, you could probably find one relatively cheap and find someone to install it for a decent price...
I know a friend of mine just had the head rebuilt on his 14 year old honda accord, cost him about $1500 total with labour and parts, and so far the engine runs like new. Maybe that could be another option.

Sounds like your mechanic is NOT the best...a good mechanic could isolate the problem, fix it properly and your engine would run pretty much LIKE NEW after he finishes with it. I think you should maybe consider looking for a new one?

I really hope you find a solution that will not cost tons of money. But always remember, it could be worse. And droppedatbirth has a good point. The powerful tool of internet is at your disposal, make good use of it and don't limit yourself. Wish I could be of more help.

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Definitely bring it to a dealer before you drop the money for a new puter. They should be able to see if it is commanding the proper spark. If you don't want to do that maybe see if someone local to you is willing to swap or have your mechanic swap computers for you to see if that fixes the problem before you spend the money. You can't return the computer if it doesnt fix the problem and it is a fairly big ticket item.
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the only thing i could say is take it to a dealership (i know we hate it there) and have them scan it on a computer,the type of ignition we have is direct ignition witch uses the computer to determine when to fire the plugs sequencingly. so maybe there is a problem in that. because maybe the car is fireing in the wrong order or something,or its off time. but i would check off the least expensive stuff 1st
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i would try re posting this here. Ecotecforum.com
lots of very knowledgeable people on that site.
good luck and hope you get this problem figured out soon.
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Thanks guys!! My mechanic has been my mechanic for YEARS, and this is the first time I've ever had issues like this. Half of the stuff on this list was stuff I'd either found suggested on here, or suggested by my hubby. In the beginning, we weren't getting the misfiring (or ANY) codes, she was just stalling out. My hubby has access to a diagnostic computer (not the cheapest one out there, but not the most expensive one either), he brought it home from work, saw the misfire on 2 cylinders (can't remember which ones at the moment), and wanted to change the plugs. His dad retired from autolite, so since he was paying (and it was after 5), the autolites went in. The second plug change was totally my doing, as I have heard not so great things about autolites both on the web and from a few "backyard" mechanics, so I went ahead and had the Delcos put in. The only things that my mechanic actually diagnosed were the coil pack and the injectors, both of which I was able a good deal on the prices. My hubby is a local body guy, so he gets the shop discount on dealer parts (thank god).

I just registered for the ecotec forum and I'm going to try there and see what they suggest, so if any of you are over there too, don't be surprised to see me!! :-)

And, for the record, I'll never give up on YC....I've found way too many good ideas (like painting my cup holders, among others) that I want to do to mod my car a bit. Well, once I get this issue taken care of, at least. :-)
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