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Steering Liquid for Cobalt?

Hi guys, I have a 2006 Cobalt LS. Recently I can feel wearing sound in the

power steering wheel. I went to change the engine oil, but the worker told

me that he can't find the steering liquid reservoir on the front. Anybody know

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Your not going to find any power steering fluid on a cobalt, it does not have your tipical hydrolic system for power steering is all electric. If you are hearing a whining noise or feel anything tha might make you think your power steering is going bad, take it to your mechanic or the dealer to have it checked out. I know there was a recal on some cobalts for this but not all so you would have to check with the dealer to see if yours is one of them.
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He's right there isn't any is electric need to go get it checked....

There was a recall for this go to ur chevy dealer and ask them to check if ur car is in that recall.

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*repeats two previous posts*...
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do the recalls include 2010

Cobalt '10
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^ Check this thread to see It might have been done already before you bought it though.
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