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Vibrating While Cruising at Highway Speeds, Among Other Things. Are They All Related?

Hey everyone, I've got a new problem that started happening last night.
I have a base model automatic 2005 Cobalt Sedan that starts trembling while cruising at 60mph/~2300RPM. I feel it mostly in my steering wheel, accel. pedal and, well, the entire car. I do not know what gear it's in. Occasionally, almost seldomly, my steering wheel shakes when I'm braking from similar speeds. Other than that my brakes work normally and smoothly.

Now, I have also been experiencing a noise coming from the Driver's front wheel. It's almost a metallic brushing sound, as if there's iron wool inbetween the rim and the brake. This usually happens after braking once or twice then getting back up to 30~40mph. Turning affects it and sometimes turning abruptly causes the noise to cease. People have suggested many things regarding this noise, telling me its the screamers on the brake pads or wheel bearings to the left control arm or the rotor rubbing with the backplate. I can't recreate the noise while its in lifted up in neutral, either.

What I've done: About a year after I've owned the car I sent it in for the power-steering recall, if thats any help. I've also recently slimed my tires because their pressure was dropping unusually fast. The slime helped out, and their pressures are sitting at ~40psi. When I torqued the tires I did the stars properly and torqued the lugnuts to about 80NM.

TL;DR: Car trembles @60MPH/~2300RPM. Steering wheel shakes occasionally when braking from similar speeds. Driver's front wheel making brushing sound after braking and accel back up to 30~40mph. Turning affects it, somtimes removes altogether.

BIG QUESTION! Are they all related and better yet, how do I fix? If you need more data regarding this, I would be happy to provide. Also, I don't know a lot about cars. Haha, otherwise I probably would be out troubleshooting more!

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When is the last time you had a brake service? I think you're beyond the screamer, I think your even beyond the pad. Take the wheel off, if you have less than 1mm of pad left you need rotors and pads. If you put some slime in your tires you need to get them rebalanced. Also when you get a tire change you have to warn them that you put this stuff in.

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Brake check was last couple oil checks ago. But, mann.. if that's the case. I'm going to feel like such a dumb****... Lesson learned I suppose, but still. Getting the tires rebalanced this week.

I'll check that out and report back. Thanks Coby
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Looking forward to hearing back, DrMassacre! Hope you're able to find out what's going on.

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