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A/C Re-Charge, Green Blowoff?

Hey guys. The wife started complaining of her A/C not being cold anymore. I went and got a can of the A/C Pro for $40 and filled it up. It took the entire can. After this, tested it, everything was great. Ice cold air returned...

This was fine for about 4-5 days. She told me again today that it's hot air again.
I made sure the condenser was kicking on and that she was making sure to press the A/C button. When I got in the car, sure enough, it was HOT again.

I happen to have another smaller can (12oz) and topped it off. It took it all with no issue. When I removed it, I had some blowoff come off around the port, very lime neon green.

My question is two-fold.
1.) Was the neon green fluid that I got on the port simply r134a? I've heard it can come out green...
2.) Anyone know of common places that go bad where this might be leaking the refrigerant? I'm guessing it's a leak...any other suggestions? Worked fine since we got it in 2007, never recharged it, then recharged it twice in one week, seems fishy...

Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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You probably over charged it if you used one full can. More is not better your just suppose to top it off. The green stuff is caused by the die so you can see it. If you keep putting r134a it's going to come out somewhere. If you overcharge it the compressor won't even start. Did you check low and high pressure? Some stuff still needs to be done by professionnals that have the tools and the means to recycle that refrigerant.

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The green stuff is dye installed in the system to help find leaks. If you see that stuff leaking anywhere that is your problem.

The condenser can not "kick on" the condenser is the part in front of the radiator. The compressor is what "kicks on".

I hope you were using a gauge when filling the refrigerant. If you over fill it that is bad.

The seals where the lines bolt up or the the seal on the compressor are the most likely places to leak freon. Look for the green dye in any of those places.
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Everything Brian just said is spot on. NEVER charge an A/C system without first measuring pressures and continue monitoring while you're doing it. It's kind of like oil...you don't put 7 quarts of oil in a motor that holds 5 quarts, unless you like replacing seals.

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Kristina has to be all fancy and show the high tech gauges hahaha. They even sell a cheapy gauge that you can use with those little cans you buy in the store.
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