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Back Passenger Floorboard Soaked

Hello everyone,

I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt Base and the floorboard is wet. The car is lowered 1" in the back and everything on the car is barely stock. It has had all the speakers replaced. When I first started driving the car I found a flood of water in the trunk that had corroded the bottom. I shop vacced the water out and look everywhere for a leak. I soon found the back passen floorboard was completely soaked. I keep drying up the floorboard every few days. I had a friend soak the car with a water hose with me inside it and couldn't find any water running inside. Can someone post a picture or any info on where the ac drain plug is? I need some guidance on what could be causing the leak. Heater core gasket leak? Thanks for any and all help. I'll try anything to solve this issue, just need to know where to start.

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Just an idea. Remove the floor mat, place a piece of newspaper on the floor and wait to see when it gets wet. Might give you a place to start seeing where it is getting in. Also are you running the A/C or heater when this is happening?

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If u have a sunroof it is probably one of the drain hoses. They get detached or plugged up.
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The AC Drain tube comes out behind the dash and throught the firewall usually. if it gets clogged with some debris it can cause the water to back up and spill out of the evaporator housing which will result in a wet carpet on either the drivers or passanger front floor. Sounds like your leak is coming somewhere from the rear. Have you had any of the windows replaced for some reason ? Also check the condition of your door seals.

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I am hearing an air leak at the back passenger door. I had my wife stick a t-shirt where the sound was coming from and it stopped. I tried running a water hose over the door, couldn't find any water coming in. I pulled up the carpet....and it seems to me that the water is under the carpet...i could be wrong though. It rained really hard here yesterday...and the floorboard is soaked under the passenger seat....arrrrg

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I also checked what I think was the ac drain hose. What could I use to stick up the hose to see if its stopped up?

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And I cant seem to find anything wrong with the door seal. Any 1 live near Birmingham, AL that could give me a hand?
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Originally Posted by sLAsh View Post
If u have a sunroof it is probably one of the drain hoses. They get detached or plugged up.

Do you have a sunroof ?
if so see ^^ above

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no sir, no sunroof
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