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06 Cobalt Stalls when Cold Outside

Hi all, new here and am glad I found this forum. Alot of good info on here. Been searching and reading alot of post about my problem and cant seem to find a direct answer. Sorry if its been answered already, new to forum and not sure where to look.

The last few months the cars rpms go from 900-200 when stopping or slowing down. Wants to stall when its below 20 degrees and its getting beyond frusterating. Took it to a mechanic and of coarse he couldnt find any codes or problems. Ive been searching online for days now and have come up with a list of things it could be. Figured you guys on here would have a better idea since you all have cobalts.

Its a 2006 cobalt 2.2l ecotech auto. Nothing special just your basic car. Love the car, not a single problem since ive had it. Ive owned it for over 2 years now and this is the first problem ive had, so not to bad, cant complain. Ive cleaned the throttle body to new condition, changed spark plugs, air filter. Ive got a list of possibilities bt would like some of your opinions if anyone has had the same issues.

Thanks all and look forward to posting on this forum, later.
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Well if you've done all that, MAF is about the only thing left to clean and maybe dirty injectors.

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yeah that was my next step. Im going out this morning to get some maf cleaner and some injector cleaner to see if that helps. thanks for the response. Need to get this fixed asap.
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Hey bud, had the same kind of problem last month. Im in Toronto, where we've had -20 the past month or so.

I had the throttle body cleaned and the spark plugs checked. All good. Problem persisted. I took it in and had the fuel filter and air filter changed. They were both pretty rough, especially the fuel filter. Not sure if you've recently changed yours but it's pretty cheap nonetheless.

We put some Lucas injector cleaner in the tank and over the course of the tank emptying out, the car has been operating much better now. Should it continue, I would have the MAF sensor looked at as it seems the only thing left.

Hope it helps!
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My friend just had a very similar issue. Not saying this is it by any means, but we finally tracked her issue down to a fuel pump relay going bad.

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does this happen EVERY start up or only when it's cold?

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It does it only when its below 20f. I cleaned the maf sensor today and added some injector cleaner. I have yet to mess with the fuel filter or pump so if this doesn't help that's my next step I guess. Thanks for the responses all.
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