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Question Problems with 2005 Chevy Cobalt 2.2 Ecotec

I was taking my girlfriend out to dinner last Saturday when I noticed that my Cobalt wasn't accelerating to match the RPM. I decided to turn around. On the way back, my girlfriend asked me what was wrong with the car. I told her that it wasn't accelerating right. I hit the gas and the RPM went up with unmatching acceleration. I hit it again and this time I heard a loud noise and noticed excessive smoke coming out of the exhaust. Shortly thereafter, the message "reduce engine power" went across the dash. I pulled over to the side of the road. (I had coolant temp pull up prior when the transmission first seemed like it was slipping - maximum 189 degrees F) Before i turned the engine off, i noticed white smoke coming from the passengers side under the hood; not an excessive amount, but smoke nonetheless. I let it sit for a bit, then tried to restart my car. It started out like normal, but the starter wasn't giving it enough juice to start; the turning gradually got weaker and weaker. I popped the hood, and the smell was just awful, however, the oil doesn't look milky, nor is there a coat of oil on top of the coolant. I had the car towed to a friends house. We tried starting it, and finally got it started, but i had the basically floor it just to get it to start, and tap my foot on the accelerator. We had it running that way maybe 10-15 seconds tops, when I heard something sounding like perhaps a nut being thrown at metal. I turned the car off immediately. I had checked my oil level prior and it read bone dry, so I put approximately 3 quarts in. The next day my friend checked the oil and it was bone dry. I cant tell where the car is leaking from, but it is definitely leaking. Please advise if at all possible. (As you can tell, I don't know much about cars. I just want to figure out what my car needs done because the car has sentimental value to me. My dad and I picked it out while I was in highschool back in 2006. He passed away in 2010 from lung cancer)
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I may be wrong, but it sounds to me that you ran it too low on oil and your "inferior" tensioner that probably should have been replaced, has no failed. The metal noise was most likely a bent rod. Thats my thought, but I'm not uber mechanical and know the ins and outs. Just similar symptoms to what I've heard before.

Hope I'm wrong.

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It read full when I checked it before towing it. But its leaking from somewhere now, and I can't figure out where exactly. But its saturating the whole undercarriage.
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I certainly understand if you're seeking alternatives right now, but do keep me posted if you decide to work with a dealership on this concern. I'm available to work with you through that process (although given the age of the vehicle, you're outside of most if not all warranties that would have come with the vehicle).
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Rip the engine out and put a new one in lol.. 2.2's are dime-a-dozen.. it'd probably be cheaper to buy an engine than to repair god knows what that exploded in yours.

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What did it smell like when you opened the hood? Burnt oil, or burnt coolant? Usually if you have a lot of smoke, youre burning off coolant ans causing more steam . . . I saw where you said your coolant temp was 189 degrees, which is good, but maybe you have a head cracked and it caused a coolant leak . . . if you allow your oil to run low stuff isnt being lubed well to begin with :( If you had coolant in where youre supposed to be combusting, maybe thats why you lost power . . . you could be leaking oil and burning it off as well if you have a head cracked . . . and if you heard a ping . . . the otehr person is right . .. you probably bent something. not sure why the starter would crank weak . . unless all this somehow drained your battery.

I could be wrong . . . my cobalt was wrecked last year . . . it had over 200K miles . .. basically if you just change the oil and watch fluids, i found it to be pretty indestructable lol

I hope I know what Im taking about, and that you get everything worked out

I would ask a mechanic . .. one you trust that will be honest and not just try to sell you work. Its been a week so im sure youre headed in some direction on what you want to do . . .
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