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05 Cobalt Door Locks

I just bought my second 05 Cobalt Dec. 2012 and am having a heck of a time with the door locks. The Dealership (DeCoskey's Mt. Vernon Ohio) told me the key fob was not working but that they got it working. We took a ride down the road so I could test drive it and I was a bit thrown when the salesman wanted to ride along. I had to ask him to let me out as the power door switches do not work, he hit the Fob that was in his hand to unlock the door. For a week I kept trying to get the dome light to work, I had no idea since I test drove it during the day that the dome light was out along with the light at the floor shift control. Every fuse that gets put in the dome blows asap. The power door locks cycle up and down and up and down and up and down randomly. The key fob has to be used for everything. If I get out of the car to open up the back doors to get out my groceries I have to use the fob or the alarm goes off, this is just the biggest pain not to mention a horrible safety issue with locks unlocking. Today I began to manually lock the door which atleast the alarm does not come on when I open the drivers door, I imagine I will have to keep the key in the ignition or open the back doors from inside to get my things out of the back to avoid the alarm. I am taking it to my mechanic tomorrow to have fuse#26 for the door locks removed. This is just awful. The first 05 Cobalt I had for 4 years, the power steering could never be fixed by the Dealership I bought it brand new from so I gave it back at the end of the lease which I did not want to do. This Dealership in Shelby Ohio told me they would not charge me full rate when the warranty ran out to fix this....yet four years it could never be fixed in the first place. The key was stuck in the ignition too and I was told by the service department it was my fault for parking it outside, but a new service department manager got it fixed. Later I found out a recall finally came out for the power steering, gee thanks a heck of alot GM. I have purchased 10 chevy vehicles from GM, 5 being brand new. The Cobalt was my favorite but twice now I have felt really burnt. To make matters worse the Dealer I just got my used Cobalt from pushed a power train warranty on me until I took it....what did I get myself into... Does anybody have any resolve on these issues?

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For the "possessed" door locks, it's a super simple fix. Replace the drivers' side power window switch. I had this problem with my 06, they would lock/unlock while driving down the road, and one day the hubby spent about 15 minutes and fixed it. The part was about $20 (for a 2-door) through GM. (If your car is a 2-door, the one switch replacement "should" fix it. Not sure if it's 1 or 2 switches for a 4 door, though, or the price. I'd imagine it'd be close, though....)

As far as your dome light, when you move the switch, does it click into place and still not work, or does the switch freely move between the 3 locations? If it moves freely with little to no effort, press up on the switch as hard as you can (without breaking it of course). I had this also, and the switch to turn it off and on just somehow popped out of where it needed to be. (If it's not the free moving switch, I honestly have no clue.)

As far as the key fob issue, that's one that I never truly found a fix to, but researched it a bit. I suffered engine problems, and my balt has been sitting parked for 14 months, so I haven't tried anything else. When my car was still under warranty, I tried a new key fob, and it worked, but only for a little bit. and until after the warranty was up. :( I've seen on the internet that the buttons aren't making a good connection, and there's something you can get online that supposedly fixes it, but I can't remember what it's called, nor have I tried it. Someone else might have a better idea. In all honesty, after I got the possessed door locks fixed, it wasn't really something I was TOO worried about, because then I could manually press the locks down when I parked, and manually use the key to unlock the door without triggering the alarm.

Good luck!
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Thank you so much! I have thought about getting the switches fixed then decided perhaps not to or to wait because the damn fobs have so many problems what is the point? The exhaust was a bit loud when I got it so I had a whole new system put on that was needed, I mean it is an 05 and I spent 364.00 on that. My car is a sedan 4 door, same as the one I had when they first came out....same color even LOL. I just can't believe all of this, it's so disheartening.....you think GM would put more recalls out to help all of us. Those door switches too I have heard and have read are very very sensitive to moisture.......... Thanks again and I wish you all the best.
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Yeah, moisture did me and another friend both in on the locks. We're both smokers, so having the windows even cracked when it was raining played hell on our cars. On the plus side, though, my door locks were fixed for about a year + before being parked, and hers are going on a year and a half since the hubby did the same fix for her. (Her car's still running though, lucky witch....)
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I had the same problem. Mine was the master lock/window controller. It was dining it for a good month or so. It was bugging the crap out of me. My friends arm would get stuck in the locks. I ordered my controller on eBay for $56.00 and my car was built in 2004 for the 2005 season
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I'm not the electrical guru around here (that'd be Coby), but if you're blowing fuses that should be the first thing to look into. Your issues may be interrelated. Did your mechanic ever discover the cause?

As far as the key fobs are concerned, post up or send a message to Coby. He can repair and reprogram them for a really fair price.

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I'm having the same issue with my 06 4door. the locks just keep unlocking and locking. I just took the fuse out but slowly its becoming a pain to lock and unlock all 4 doors. What can I do to fix the locks themselves? Where can i get the parts cheapest?

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