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Cooling Mode Came on 2007 Cobalt

So my cooling mode came this morning on way to work, then the temperature cooolant signal starts dinging on dash board five min later

So i get off at next exit, shut car off to cool down and check antifreeze

that was full???

Does anyone know what it could be??

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What do you mean by coolant mode? Were you overheating?
Could be water pump going bad.

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Found this Googling around. You should really have a scan tool

Hello, the cooling fan is designed to come on when and if the temperature exceeds 223 degrees or if the AC freon pressure exceeds 190 psi. So, you were on the right track but did not let the temp get high enough to activate the cooling fan. If the temp exceeds 230 degrees or the pressure exceeds 240 psi, then the high speed fan comes on. Normally in the second condition the engine light will also come on and set a DTC code so the system can have diagnostics run on it. Because the fans are controlled by the PCM (power train control module) and they are a class 2 electronic device, the proper way to test them is with a class 2 scan tool so the relays and temperature sensors can all be tested together. That way if there is a malfunction in the system, it will show up on the scan tool. About the only things that can be tested without the scan tool is the fan motors themselves, by simply installing a fused jumper wire to them one at a time. Thanks

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I've only had cooling mode come on once, and it was because there was a hole in my radiator and I had no coolant.

When mine went into cooling mode, I was on the interstate and the motor lost significant power. I could still drive it, but it felt like it was misfiring. The radiator fan also stayed on after I shut the car off to further cool the engine.

The dealer told me the car intentionally misfires and retards itself so that you can't get back on the highway and keep driving, causing serious damage to the engine.

Has it done it again since? I would keep your Driver Information Center (DIC) on the coolant screen and watch it while you're driving to see if it gets high. The normal range for both of the Cobalts (2007, 2010) that I've had is 180-200*F. I've seen it go higher than 200, but not more than 210 or so.

If there is coolant and it's not circulating, you could have a pump issue as dondiego mentioned.

What were the conditions like when you overheated?
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Highest I've maintained is 221 F

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The manual says this:

This message may display on some vehicles. Under
severe conditions, hot ambient temperatures, steep
grades, and towing, your vehicle may experience more
transmission shifting. This is temporary and normal
under these conditions. This does not require engine
or transmission service.
If it didn't come back on again, I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially if there was coolant in the tank.
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