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Alternator, Belt, or Starter Problem.

Okay so heres my findings so far. My car would sometimes have trouble starting. The starter would wind for a few seconds, 3-5, and then start, while at other times it was perfectly fine. I had the battery tested, and it was at 60% (good but needed a charge). So that leaves the alternator as the culprit.

With the car running, the terminal in the front's voltage is 13.08-13.10, thats with the ac on/ ac off/ engine at idle/ engine at 2000rpm. no difference. Nothing changes the voltage from the front post.

EXCEPT (i heard this a few years ago, putting water/snow on the belt if its making a noise and if the noise stops you need a new belt.

SO, i poured a little bit of water on the belt lol. and BAM the voltage jumped to 14.2 with the ac blasting and music on, defrost on, everything running lol.

I did all these tests after driving the car about 10-20 km and having it sit for a few min. Basically looking for some opinions. Ill be changing the belt soon, but dont want to do that incase I have to replace the alternator as well.

Thanks to all who respond.

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Did some testing at the battery and this is what I got. 12.52 with the car off.

Turned the car on and = 14.9 w car on only, 14.95 with car on, ac blasting, music, defrost, lights on.

Remaining at 13.95 - 14.58 with car on only again... so the alternator seems to be working right? increased load, increased voltage (therefore regulator is working also).... right? the voltage was at 13.98 99% of the time at the ON THE TERMINAL in the front.
BUT the voltage on the battery did drop to the 4-6 volt range for a split second while the car was running. (probably the multimeter/ contact on battery terminal) right?

Now when I turned the car off, the voltage dropped to 12.95 ish and keeping the multimeter on the for about 45 seconds it went down to 12.88...should I be worried about it going down that fast with just the trunk light on??

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OR is this all okay, which is what im getting from researching it online and its actually the starter that has the problem? and if so, how would I test the starter.

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or could it be the fuel pump. because it does click back and forth in the car after I turn it off. but it has always done that
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Maybe the bushings in your alternator are starting to seize up. Even with a worn belt alternator should have no problem turning, unless your serpentine idler has failed. Your battery seems fine. Alternator if it works good should be between 14.3-14.9 at 2000rpm.

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When your starter cranks, it is engaging the flywheel for those 3-5 seconds, right? I had the bendix go out on a starter of mine, and it would miss the flywheel on occasion and I would have trouble starting...
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thanks for the replies guys :D, it hasnt acted up again so Im a bit confused. Its only done it the two times but who knows. I'm leaving it alone for not.
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