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Ambient Light Sensor Issue

I have an '05 Cobalt LS (canadian model). I have researched an issue i'm having and hope someone can shed some light on it. At dusk, when the headlights/interior dash lights etc. should come on automatically... I occasionally experience the dash lights flickering sporatically for about 15 mins. Afterwards they either stay on, or completely go off.
When they do go off i have no tail-lights either. Is there an easy fix for this....or am i looking at a major overhaul to find a shorted wire? I don't see it being a fuse issue, considering the problem isn't constant. I've had the car for close to a year, and this just started happening. The option to change "auto lights" from off to on doesnt make a difference.
It happens maybe once every 3-4 days, but just started occuring maybe a month ago
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check the parking light fuse... Maybe it blew, but didn't blow completely... it could also be a wire broken somewhere.

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I would disconnect the 3 connectors on the BCM and reconnect them a few times to clean the contacts a bit. Disconnect battery first though. Pin 47 of C2 is the one concerned here.

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I had the opposite happen where the lights wouldn't go off about six months ago. I found a bare wire rubbing on the metal support behind the radio. It is a white wire the goes from the BCM to the switch on the steering column. I will get post some picture when i get back to my apartment at school Monday.
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Here is the bundle of wires that was the problem on mine. It didn't need to be taken that far apart but I didn't no what I was looking for when I started.

Here is the wire that was rubbed bare.

Here was my fix for it.
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