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Same Problem After Replacing Camshaft Sensor

So, I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT, automatic. It has been throwing code for P0010, and as such I replaced the sensor. Well, while that helped a bit in terms of performance and what exactly the car has been doing, it still hasn't fixed the issue at hand. I cleaned the MAF sensor per the suggestion of a friend, and again it helped a bit but still hasn't fixed the issue; the same code is still popping up, with the check engine light on, and my car is still randomly lurching while driving, and sometimes (but not always) sitting at a light. Am I missing something? What else could be my issue? It has about 105,000 miles on it. Any answers and help is MUCH appreciated.
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p0010 is for the intake camshaft position actuator solenoid, and has nothing to do with the MAF.

So things you need to check:
Oil, is it at the correct level, of the correct viscosity and when was it changed last?
Check the resistance of both of your camshaft position actuator solenoids, they should both be 8-12ohms.

Just to verify that you changed the right part, the intake camshaft position actuator solenoid is the one of the valves that go through the valve cover on the left side while you are looking it from the front, and it is the front one.

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Changing the sensor when you have a bad actuator will not solve anything. These actuators absolutely hate conventional oil and will go bad if you go too long between oil changes. You my friend have a sticky actuator filled with tar. You can't fix it so you'll need to replace it.

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