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Do Cobalt Usually Leak Oil?

Hello, my fiancÚ has a 2007 cobalt (she bought new) that she has let her sister borrow for the last year. Her sister lives about 4 hours away so we don't really get to see the car too often. I have a feeling that her sister doesn't really take good car of the car or get routine maintenance done on it. We are going to visit with her sister in a couple months and I wanted to change the oil myself and put a good quality oil in it (like Pennzoil platinum high mileage) that will last a little longer and hold up to the short drives that her sister does. Now, I know a little bit about oil but I'm not an expert. I know that you can go from dyno to synthetic to dyno with no problems. People say you shouldn't use synthetic after so many miles of dyno oil and its simply untrue. The reason why there is a misconception about that is because quality synthetic oil cleans the sludge and deposits in a dirty engine and sometimes the sludge is the only thing keeping it from leaking. So since I don't get to see this car very often I am a little concerned about the car developing a leak after the sludge is cleaned from the crevices and I wont be there to spot it. My finance didn't take the greatest care of the car and didn't use a quality oil so I'd like to use something good that will clean up the engine. Anywho, my main question is; are these cars prone to oil leaks?

Edit: car has approximately 120,000 miles on it.
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These engines only leak if you crack the oil pan. Do not put high mileage oil in the car that's nothing but a commercial ploy. Put in some 5W30 full synthetic and if you think your fiancÚ's sister doesn't take care of it, overfill it a little. (250ml) Get a synthetic oil filter, because others seem to deteriorate. BUT before you do anything ask her how long since it last started and if it's been a long time like 12 hours, have a good listen to the first start-up for, clanging noise that should last 2- 3 seconds if so the lack of oil changes has taken it's toll on the timing chain tensioner and it should be changed before it jumps a cog. These engines can take a lot of shit kicking but low oil levels is not one of them. Before changing the oil check oil levels for warning signs.

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My 2006 Pontiac Pursuit 2.2l engine was regurlarly serviced with nothing but 100% synthetic oil for 8 years ( approx 100 k miles) and developped a very minor rear main seal leak....put in high mileage oil and the leak stopped after a month of use !!!!!!!!!!!might have stopped leaking on its own with 100 % synthetic but my experience with high mileage oil was positive...been using it ever since, car now has 140k miles....good luck with your GF's car
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I would suggest putting in castrol magnatec, it sticks to hot metal surfaces forming a protective layer on cold starts. Castrol claims 4x less engine wear, and I believe it by how much it quiets my 2000 escort and 2007 cobalt on cold starts. I peaked in the valve cover on both and can see a film of oil left on the cam lobes. Cold/dry starts are when most engine wear occurs, so if the vehicle makes a lot of short trips magnatec should be very beneficial.

I also had good luck with pennzoil high mileage significantly slowing a rear main seal leak in an 89 chevy s10. I wouldn't run a high mileage oil unless there was a leak that was too expensive to fix like the rear main seal.

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I use Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer in every oil change I do. This product claims to add lubrication during start ups and thus decreasing engine wear. I also change my oil around every 3000 miles. My car has 135,000 miles on it, I've driven across the country seven times, and while I love my car I need it, I cannot abuse it - I cannot afford another. I also use 10 W 40 motor oil, because of the heavy traffic I'm in I want the additional support.
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