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Cobalt Engine Only Removal from Top(2006)

We removed the engine and reinstalled a new one. It took about a day and apparently we have some electrical problem now. However, the physical part of it was pretty easy.

We simply undid everything that was hooked to the engine and layed it aside. We unbolted the motor from the tranny. There are some bolts back there that are relatively hard to see/get to. You will see them once you remove the exhaust. You can actually take the 2 bolts out from the back and just slide the whole thing back. It saves having to separate the manifold from the exhaust.

Getting it out was easy. It came out very simply and with no issues. Like with all engines, it helps to have one person run the cherry picker and one person to ensure nothing is snagging.

The ac was just layed aside. We didn't zip tie or tie anything up. Nothing was even close to being in the way. It wasn't any harder to take out and reinstall than a small block chevy would be. There is really no need to remove the subframe or the transmission unless you just want to remove it too. I can't imagine it would be easier to do it that way. It seems like taking it out from the bottom would be a lot more work.

It took about an hour to put it back in and put the tranny/converter/flywheel bolts back in. Everything else was just reassembling. If my nephew had taken better care when removing the wiring - it would have been up and running with 10-12 hours total work.

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If anyone gets caught up doing it, let me know. I'll be happy to walk you through any portion of it.
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