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08 Cobalt LS Cranks Won't Start 3 Codes

Ok well I have a 2008 Cobalt LS (thought it was LT apparently not bc it's a 5 speed but does have good speakers, Sun roof, auto locks, windows, etc. 2.2 of course) it started throwing the "throttle/pedal position sensor A/B correlation" code along with "Engine Power Reduced" about a month ago well normally I just keep a code reader plugged in and clear codes while driving bc it happens randomly but runs perfect when cleared and since its 5 speed it likes to shake and rock when it's reduced well the day before yesterday morning I had to drive it and the code absolutely would NOT clear (I literally tried about 15x with scanner and twice by the battery) and ran like garbage...finally it decided to run fine over a 38 mile drive that HAD to be taken well that night I go to crank it and it starts but yet again refuses to clear the code and ran worse than ever not letting the engine over 1500RPM well I turn it off trying to clear the code again (at this time there was only 1 code) Well I turn the key and the starter doesn't even turn and somewhere under the hood clicks like 6 times it did this several times and has happened before but ran afterwards...this time when the engine responded it would just crank over and not run then immediately cycling the switch it won't budge again and has still yet to crank just always either only cranks over or doesn't respond at all (all lights, a/c, etc. work) and now shows 3 codes instead of only 1 (also 1 time it showed a "TDC Sensor Failure" code which I know isn't good but went away and has never came back) Well I finally replaced the pedal yesterday and it still does exactly the same thing and still throws the pedal code plus the other 2 (I think it's P1935, P1701, and the other is like P1b75 or something like that probably not exact I'll update later) but regardless it still refuses to run and the codes will not clear at all and now my dad decided to manually jump the starter which caused it to now be locked in security mode - _- ....always lovely, anyways any and all help will be appreciated I love the little car and it's never gave an issue other than the pedal and now it's acting like it's dead all at once after being shut off while running perfect.. please help!!!! Sorry for long post as well I tried to give a good description
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Sorry I forgot to mention it doesn't give a pedal code specifically it now displays a "Throttle Actuator" code that's after I replaced the pedal.
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Throttle Actuator = Throttle Body | Odd after changing the Pedal | sorry i don't have more for you

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Perhaps try cleaning the throttle body?

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Couldn't find those codes on the GM server for a 2008 Cobalt.

An A/B correlation code is the throttle body actuator. There are 2 sensors detecting the movement of the butterfly , one starts at 255 and goes down to zero and the other starts at zero and goes up to 255. The ECM then adds these two numbers and they must add to 255 with a +/- window. If the sum falls out of a preset criteria a A/B correlation code is set. P2135 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1-2 Correlation ECM, PCM

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