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Cobalt No Rear Defogger No Passenger Air Bag Light Under Radio

First thank you for all the help you've given to so many of us. I am completely stumped and I have to move in 2 weeks so I really need to figure this out. I figured you guys may be the ones to talk to about this before i get plowed at the dealership. Okey here it goes. Info and arrow button on steering wheel don't work. Passenger air bag light under radio Isent illuminated anymore. No rear defogger no Ac no Ac recirculation button and when I turn selector knob for blower it will not leave defrost. No dash vents working only. If I turn it on face vents it still blows defrost. I checked fuses and relays didn't find anything out of order. Also my svc tire monitor came on to. But I think tht may be bc it's not able to get a reading. Something has a short or ground issue or fuse/relay. Im at a lost. Please help.

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Forgot it's a 2009 cobalt Lt 114000 miles

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Checked both bcm fuses under hood. Even switched them out. No luck. Any ideas?
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For the service tire monitor, first of all, do all your tires have about 30 to 35 psi in them? Also, if you're running winter tires without having the TPMS swapped over, it'll do that. Failing that, the batteries might be going dead. If the sensor batteries haven't ever been replaced, then they're probably nearly 8 years old.

For the steering wheel thing, I'm not sure. If this car is new to you, maybe check to see if the button thing got unplugged or something? I'm sure @Coby7 has a better suggestion

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Everything worked fine a day ago. Bought car new in aug08. Multiple electrical problems at once. No passenger air bag illumination no rear defogger no Ac button no steering wheel buttons except cruise control

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No winter tires. All tpms replaced 3 years ago

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I thought bcm like coby7 but both fuses are good

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Checked 50amp bcm fuse by battery. It was good as well. Checked fuse #10 @ bcm fuse block. Good as well. I have no power to HVAC controls other than the blower. And no passenger air bag indicator light. No info or back arrow buttons on wheel either. I'm @ a lost. Any ideas plz
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I wonder if they all share a common ground or something, without access to wiring diagrams I can't really help though but I'm sure someone will be along sooner or later with some ideas. Since it all happened at the same time though I would have to guess you have a bad ground or bad connection at the bcm
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I pm'ed coby7. He thinks a ground as well. Bcm ground under drivers use seat on chassis. Waiting to find its exact locations. Dark now. Will update back tomorrow after I check it out.
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Update. Fuse #16 @ BCM fuse block in kick panel is blowing as soon as I turn the key or use factory remote start. Thinking I have a short to ground in harness or bad blower motor possibly. Any thoughts?
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Hi I'm new on this site I'm having the exact same problem as theonlinecheat and so far he is the only one on the internet that has the same exact symptoms as me. I was wondering if he found a solution I tried pming him but I don't have enough posts can anyone help me reach him or maybe assist in solving the problem I'm going to work on the car tomorrow but came across this post and thought my prayers were answered but it just died out without a resolution thank you for any help
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After working on my car yesterday I discovered that if your having HVAC switching issues and your air conditioning button, rear defroster and air recirculation buttons and passenger air bag display aren't working there's a problem with fuse #16 In my case it wasn't blown it was fine but not making good contact in the fuse box I had been in there with a meter checking the voltage and must have bent the pins to where they weren't making good contact I had to put a little solder on the fuse and also some dielectric grease on it so it would work. I also was having an issue with the power steering not turning on that is fuse #19 it was doing the same thing when you pushed in on it with the car running power steering came back on, so I did the same thing to that fuse and haven't had any troubles so far. I guess if issues would continue I would need to get a new BCM because there really isn't a way to bend those tiny pins back out but for now I'm going to try and avoid that even though the part is less then $50 I'd rather not have to go to the dealership.

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