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2010 sstc p0106 cel

Hey guys, looking for some assistance as I can't seem to shake this particular P0106 CEL. Recently, I had been getting P0010, P0011, in which I have since replaced the Intake Camshaft Sensor. Prior to those codes, I had gotten a code or two pertaining to my MAF sensor - I have since changed, and those codes have cleared also. Every once in awhile, amongst those codes, this P0106 would pop up alongside them. This is the only code I haven't been able to clear, and it doesn't take long at all to trip after a scan. Previous experiences have indicated about my third start of the car.

I am also having issues with my digital RPD reading on only the 'boost gauge' screen. I can see information on all other screens, but when I flip over to 'boost', more often than not, it reads: 'data not available.' Back with my other codes, this screen would usually display information. Once I switched my MAP sensor the first time, the screen displayed information for a little while and then just stopped receiving information. That was an aftermarket sensor, and after this code was not cleared with that (and RPD had beginning acting up more frequently) I was able to replace that sensor with a new OEM. After the change, the gauge had a reading for about two days. And now, again, doesn't display data. I'm not sure if this information is relevant to the P0106 code, I just thought I would state it incase it was (and it would also be nice to have it reading properly, if anyone has any advice on that anyways).

I got my car vac leak/smoke tested for an hour and a half at a local shop today, and they couldn't find anything wrong with the car. The mechanic seemed to think it has something to do with my computer. I will also note that once I left the shop, my RPD boost gauge was working (not sure if they unplugged/replugged the sensor or its just coincidence that it's on), and after starting the car one time since, continues to work for now. However, I find that when my boost gauge is reading information, my turbo seems fluttery and the car doesn't drive as smooth. It hiccups, or stumbles almost. In driving a constant speed and not boosting, it will flutter between 0 and a few kPa (not just the gauge, the car will, too).

I have owned this car for a year and a half, and have issues with it since the second week I've owned it. The previous owned had upgraded turbo charge pipes and done a cold air intake. Possibly other things, but I'm not mechanically-inclined enough to really know. I owned an '09 SSTC for 6 months before it was written off, and it was stock. This one, I know, is not. I have taken it to a GM dealership and they had told me this vehicle had not been previously tuned.

Other issues (again, not sure of the relevance but thought I would state just incase someone has information) when I start the car, it idles fine. As soon as I give it a little gas (to say, back out of my driveway or drive out of a parking spot) and I have to idle at a light or stop sign a few seconds later, it idles very rough. Almost to the point where it feels like it's going to stall. After about 20 seconds, it evens out and the drive is smooth.

These constant, plaguing issues have made it extremely difficult to enjoy my car the way it is meant to be enjoyed. I've taken it to numerous shops: local shops, a GM dealership, and a pro mod shop in town, and they all run tests and can't seem to find anything wrong. But the problem is intermittent a lot of the time, and I can't really force it to act up. It just decides to do what it does, when it wants.

Any help, advice or information on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated. I have spent hours scouring the internet, forums, message boards, everything, to try and really hone in on a next step. But I haven't seen the lump of issues that I'm having all at once, and I'm just not sure how else to approach this. I'm trying to get the car ready for an etest so I can renew my plate sticker, but obviously it won't pass because I can't get the light to stay cleared.

Thanks very much.
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