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06 LT 2.2 ECOTEC - No Power, TC CEL Intermittent

Hello, I have a 2006 Cobalt LT 2.2 ECOTEC with an Auto tranny.

A few weeks ago, my 06 cobalt started to lose power. Acceleration was/is slow and when pressing the accelerator past a certain load, the traction control light come on, followed by rough shifting. Now, after the traction control light come one, same symptoms arise, but it feels as though the torque converter is not on at all, ie, no acceleration at all.

Changed tranny fluid within the last 10k miles, oil is at 50% life and light amber colored (mobile 1 high mileage). Coil pack, spark plugs, boots, fuel filter, less than 20k miles ago. The car has around 114k miles on it. I am getting an obd reader later this evening to actually throw the codes. If you need anymore info, please ask.

The only code I am currently getting is a P0411 code.

Thanks to those that help!

Update: After cleaning the connection port and some of the secondary air injector/smog pump, I my have fixed the problem. However, I was wondering if there was a way to replace just the metal flap insert in the air injector/smog pump without having to replace the whole unit?

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I went through what you're going through on a 2005. Cleaned throttle body, did tune up, cleaned ALL grounds, etc. Folks on this site helped me a bunch! (The car is just junk and should have been recalled for this issue.) When all else has been done, and the demons return, replace the output speed sensor, a 5 minute fix, screw/unscrew 10mm bolt, costs $18. That worked for 2-3 years until I had to purchase a used TCM ($20 on ebay, careful, MUST be the same number).
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Replaced the smog pump, the fix worked for a little, than returned. Only codes it is dropping now are p0101, cat converter below threshold, something about evap gross leak, than another one about the vacuum in the fuel system, and an ABS code that had no number or description. The symptoms are the T/C light comes on, car will not go above 2250 rpms, acceleration is almost non-existant and will not go above 45 mph, and as drive continues for the short time it will allow, the engine more or less stops all revolutions. The car has had a tune up within 102k miles, tranny flush, TB cleaned, plugs changed, coil pack changed at 98k miles, cv axels and ball joints replaced. Car is at around 116k miles. The is no ABS light turning on, not have I gotten a "reduced power" message.

There is also a whistling sound coming from the exhaust system.

Possible solutions I've come across are, "change the fuel filter", change out the cat converter, and change out the output speed sensor.

**Changed the fuel filter and there was no change in the performance.

Any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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