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: Interior

  1. Passenger air bag sensor
  2. Seat Belts
  3. Bandana Shift Boot
  4. Window Motor, Gear Shift, and Turn Signal
  5. Does LED Conversion for Gear Shifter Light Need Soldering?
  6. CB Installation
  7. Lit Door Sill Plates
  8. How to Replace Turn Signal Lever
  9. How To: Disassemble an Interior Door Handle
  10. Automatic Shifter
  11. Should I Use Dash Kits?
  12. G6 Seats in a Cobalt`
  13. [HOW TO] Power Window/ Power Locks
  14. Parts for the Shifter
  15. DIY Leather Seat Stitching MOD
  16. How To: Replace Headliner Material
  17. How-to Replace HVAC Blower Motor
  18. Video How To: Popping Out Steering Wheel Airbag
  19. How to make seat warmers
  20. Putting SS Steering Wheel on 2006 Ls
  21. How To: Replace Gear Shift Assembly
  22. How To: Reset Speedometer/Tach Needles
  23. How To: Wood Backed Trunk Liner (Solid Base Trunk)
  24. How to Install Wood Trunk
  25. How to Install ARMREST
  26. Installing Rearview Mirror with Map Lights... Wiring Question
  27. How to Put a Manual Knob on a Automatic
  28. How to Change the Color of Your Gauge Cluster
  29. Blue Gauge Lighting
  30. How To: Make Your Own Manual Shift Boot
  31. How To Relocate Back Seat Release Handles
  32. How To: Gear Indicator Color
  33. How-to: Manual Shift Boot Accent Stitching (warning 56k, Lots of Pics!)
  34. How To: Change Your Speedometer/Gauge Cluster
  35. How To: Remove Automatic Shift Knob (any Year)
  36. Interior Neons or LED's
  37. How to Wrap Headliner in Vinyl
  38. How To: Wrap a Visor in Fabric Also Wrapping 101
  39. How To: Change Your Cabin Air Filter
  40. How To: Recover Door Panel Inserts
  41. How to Swap Out LS Seats for SS Seats
  42. How To: Automatic Shift Boot
  43. How To: Cluster Swap
  44. Changing interior lights ( any color you like)
  45. How To: Remove Door Panel
  46. How to: Paint trim/interior panels!
  47. How to: Remove Your Interior Trim to Mod.
  48. Removing the dash
  49. Removing The Seatbelt Holder/Headrest
  50. Guidelines for reapolstering your rear seats
  51. How to wrap a part in carbon fiber.
  52. Removal of head liner for coupes
  53. How To: remove plastic steering wheel trim
  54. Reapolstering the rear deck
  55. Rear deck removal for coupes
  56. How to change the color of your radio/hvac controls