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2006 LT Brake and Suspension Issues, Why No Recall?

I've seen so many people all with the same problems, rotors warping, struts leaking, clunking noises, control arm bushings blowing. As you can see from my screen name I LOVE MY COBALT!

I hope this helps somebody, here's what I've had problems with on my Cobalt. It's a 2006 LT sedan:

1. Original owner brought the car in for rotor resurface at 12k

2. I bought the car a 20k and had the rotors replaced by dealer.

3. 24k the car shook violently when braking and sometimes just driving, took to another dealer. They replaced the Brake control module, and a leaking strut.

4. 30k same problems. Returned to dealer and they told me to replace the tires and install new brakes which they would gladly do for a price. They claimed since 1 tire was newer than the other the antilock brake system was not working correctly. I disabled the antilock brake system by removing the fuse and still the same problem. I realized the dealer sucks and I needed to go elsewhere.

5. 36k replaced all 4 tires and installed drilled/slotted rotors with ceramic pads. Corrected the shaking while hitting the brakes for about 3wks then returned. Car still had really bad clunking noise and shaking when cornering and braking.

6. 40k Took to local shop They told me my new rotors were shot and it looked like the calipers were sticking. I replaced both front calipers and kept old rotors since I didn't have money for both. Still clunking bad.

7. 44k After some checking I found the lower control arm bushing was shot on the driver side. I replaced and clunking was 90% better. Still shaking while hitting brakes due to rotors.

8. 46k Finally installed new rotors. Now the shaking is gone during braking and cornering and the car seems pretty good. Still have the clunking noise at low speeds while hitting bumps on the driver side but not too bad. The car is finally driveable, before I was always afraid the front wheel was going to fall off.

The brakes and suspension on this car are total crap. I can't believe GM would put out a car that has this many issues and will not stand behind their product. After this experience I will never buy a GM car again. I have a Chevy truck that is awesome but for some reason their cars are garbage.

Just to be fair I have to say the engine and transmission seem pretty good so far and the gas mileage is decent. The car only has 50k on it so it's kind of early to claim it's reliable. I wish I would have bought another Civic instead of giving GM a chance. My last Civic I traded in with 150k and I only changed front brake pads and the alternator, no other problems.
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yeah our other balt, an '06 sedan like yours, has had the worst rotor probs. it's been bumping when we even tap the brakes for months now. i'm afraid one of these times the brakes won't work. we're on about 60k, and filed the rotors down once this past spring and that helped for a few weeks but they're back again. not under warranty with it either anymore.

i hear and see reviews that the 2006 balts, especially sedans, seem to have the worst luck, and rotors are a majorly common problem. it does suck. no complaints with my '07 so far tho - i'm thinking they may have corrected some things after all of the bad reviews the year before?
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