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Breaks Issue?

Ok Im going to describe this the best way I can..
We all know the Cobalt has decent breaking, you can come to a slow stop with any jolt..

Well lately, as of probably the last month or so.. I'll be driving and have no problems.. well randomly I'll notice a change in brake pressure...
Meaning when I come to a red light, I will tap easily on my brake as I always do to slow down... next I know the car comes to a dead stop... this is from BARELY tapping it..
To give a visual: it appears as if I just bought the car or learning to drive.. There is no easing into a stop, its just BAM dead stop no hesistation..
Then when I attempt to push it the floor, I really HAVE TO PUSH..

It will do this for a while then just randomly work fine again and brake like it should but then comes the LOUUUD whistling sound when I gently tap the brake and then it stops when I put more pressure on the brake..

I have no idea wtf is going on but its really bugging me,.. There have been no re-calls to my knowledge about brakes so I figured I would ask.. I have checked the drums, shoes, and rotors.. no indication of having something lodged in there.. but even if there were, it still doesn't explain the randomness of the stiffening...
Also, under my shifter, there is still a popping sound when its in park and I push the brakes... but thats been for a long time now so I dont really associate the two.. because that I have taken apart and kinda can see the problem.

Please help lol.. its not even 4 years old yet! UGH!


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Hmm have you checked the brake fluid stuff? I don't know everything about it but maybe something in the fluid or lines is giving you that problem. Just a thought though.

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When was the last time you replaced your brake pads? The loud screech could be the screamer(indicator that it is time to replace your pads). I just picked up a set of ceramic pads for my front brakes today at about $60 after taxes from auto zone, they even came with a lifetime warranty. But you can get em for as cheap as $25 for the basic duralast pads.

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I see this sometimes with rear drums, a piece of the pad breaks off and has no where to go because it is contained inside the drums, sometimes as it rolls around inside the drums it lodges itself between the still intact pad and the drum so you have twice the thickness of pad so when you even just tap the brakes they almost lock up.
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