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Problem with gears shifting and TPS

I have a 2010 Chevy cobalt LT. I've been driving it for about 2 years pretty much issue free except the last cpl of months. It started with my check engine light coming on and a "reduce engine power" message on my dash. The car would drive very sluggishly after that but shutting it off and turning it back on would usually resolve the issue. I took it to AutoZone and got the code and it was an issue with my TPS. About a week after that I was driving it and my RPM's shot up like crazy while going about 60mph so I pulled over. Now it will only go up to about 40mph and it doesnt want to shift into the next gear. I took it to my GF's dad who is a mechanic and he told me that i had a bad solenoid on my transmission. I am by no means auto savvy and would like to know if that actually sounds like the issue or if it is really related to my TPS. Would like to get someone's opinion on this before I go and pay out the butt for a transmission specialist. Thanks!
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Btw the code I got at AutoZone was "p2135"
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Originally Posted by XFE View Post
P2135 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1-2 Correlation ECM, PCM
Maybe try cleaning your throttle body? @Coby7 , what do you think?

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I'm a bit puzzled hear and you may have 2 problems. P2135 is a throttle position sensor fault and is caused by when both sensors don't add up. So not to have the Toyota problem where cars would suddenly accelerate GM found it smart ( And it is ) to have 2 sensors one positive and one negative. The ECM continuously monitors both of these and adds their outputs together it expects a 0 answer +/- 3. If it gets a reading outside these parameters it will set a code P2135 meaning TPS is out of specs and will put engine in reduced power mode so it doesn't crazily accelerate like a Toyota. Now if you turn off and restart your car on the same day more than 3 times to get around the reduced power on the fourth occasion the code comes up you will not get a reduced engine power and may get a high revving engine to rev limit. Price you pay for ignoring the warning signs of your ECM. Now once you go pass the fourth cycle the car will not let you go fast no matter how you try, not shifting into second gear is it's only hope to try and save you from getting killed. So my guess is change your throttle body and have the learn procedure done and clear all codes and you should be good.

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Thanks guys! I will run this by someone who is a bit more knowledgeable in the auto department than me and see if I can get this handled. Much appreciated
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