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well the first thing I was planning on doing to the car was Intake then Cams... but it appears Aftermarket 2.4L cams dont exist? why do they make LAP cams but not LE5?

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Originally Posted by Boostedecotec View Post
What suck about high hp Na 4 cylinder's is that there's a few Honda hatch's here with like 220hp Na. K20 swap though but still it's gay to see Honda's making more Na HP than cobalt's. These hatches are quick as shit for being NA... also the fact that they wieght around 1900 lbs help alot.. I can proudly say an Honda hatch is my next car to build up but with an turbo on it..
keep in mind that those hondas have internals not just bolt ons, slap on internals on any ecotec and you'll be saying "what vtec"
although those little vtecs are impressive i'll give them that

Originally Posted by daflyinskwirl View Post
both LSJ and LNF have broken 450whp on stock blocks.. wtf are you talkin about man...

a guy on JBO (cavalier, not a cobalt) dynoed 197whp with his 2.2 when it was built, he's since built a new eco that uses an LE5 crankshaft with L61 pistons (I THINK), but displacement is around 2.3L. Through an automatic he dynoed at 175hp at 7700rpm, and the engine is designed to spin to 10,000rpm.

the car on the old setup ran 13.4 all motor.

Maybe its me, but I think if you're going to call something a 'build' it has to include MORE than bolt on parts.

well said

R.I.P. :(

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Internals are a must for any NA set-up (ex.- cams, valves, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, individual throttle bodies, etc.), otherwise bolt-ons won't cut it for a true NA setup.

Engine- K&N SRI Intake, NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs, Corsa Touring Cat-Back Exhaust
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Exterior- Removed Side Moldings
Interior- Pioneer FH-P800BT, Pioneer 3-Way 6x9 Speakers, Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit

Future: 2.4L Intake Manifold, Bad-Mab Header, ZZP 2.5" Downpipe, Trifecta Tune, Eibach Sway Bar Kit, Russel SS Brake Lines
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I believe the crankshaft is good up to 400 hp at least I think that's what it says in the GM build book...

07' LS 5 spd, bullseye S256 @ 17 psi wut?!, E85!!!, wiseco 8.9:1 pistons, eagle rods, spec stage 3 clutch, TTR motor and tranny mounts, ARK sts, Magnaflow catback, tinted windows, B&G coilovers w/ adjustable camber plates, front bowtie painted black, and ETX ME-2 rims wrapped in 235/40/18 Nitto invos.
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as well as port and polished head, bored over, honed,
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Id love to look into some internal mods and really get some noticeable gains(I know its not going to be a literal race car) but Im always too paranoid or just not knowledgable enough yet to properly put together a nice package...for now Im adding what bolt ons I can and then hopefully Ill pick up what I need to know for bigger improvements.
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The best listing I have found for ecotec parts. As far as cams go, most are factory regrinds. They are better than stock and offer impressive gains but tuning can be a real pain in the rump.

ANY motor of ANY size can be built to have more power naturally aspirated. Keep in mind though that a radical 4 cylinder NA might make 400hp, whereas a radical turbo might make 1200hp. Your only limit is your wallet.

2006 Cobalt SS 2.4L Auto
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That is an awesome list indeed. Ill have to go through and figure out the exact specifics of what I have in my car and then comb the list for things Id like to try. My first real "mod" that effects the engine is going to be the 2.4 intake manifold thats on its way to me now and the cai Ill have soon as well. Next Id like to work on getting the exhaust out a little quicker/more efficiently. After all that is when I hope to upgrade some internals.
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yea stay away from mantapart.. jbody guys have known this for years when people stopped recieving their parts from them.

if you want to get serious about n/a shit, talk to ray bates at bates engineering or talk to karo at

M2 Race Systems - CNC Ported Cylinder Heads & Custom CNC Porting do great CNC port jobs that flow really good numbers makes a bolt on ITB kit for the ecotec. hows four 55mm throttles sound?

karo can get custom made high compression pistons and I know he does some other specialty cam stuff by copying european cam profiles... also, if you're looking into rocker and lifter upgrades goto JESEL Valvetrain Innovation.. but be warned, upgrading to roller rockers and solid lifters allows you to run custom cams with larger lift numbers, but will cost about $180 PER VALVE

the big drawback with doing an all motor build is that majority of the time you need to have custom machine work done. its not a simple bolt-on affair.. you need a machine shop that knows what they're doing and is at least somewhat familiar with the ecotec.

a zero-deck will help raise compression up slightly too, but you lose a bit of valve to piston clearance, so you either need reliefs (especially true with domed pistons) or you need to limit yourself on valve lift.

the biggest thing with n/a is everything needs to be optimized to work TOGETHER or else you're just wasting time.
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yeah, totally would love to supercharge (bolt on the LSJ supercharger) the 2.2 in my car, it would be an epic sleeper. The build book is mint, i can get up to 260 hp without changing too much! thats pretty freggin awesome. easy mods like an intake, lsj exhaust and 2.4 manifold yeah adds HP, and doesn't hurt the budget.

others have found that its quite the amount of work/tuning to get the LSJ supercharger to work properly on the 2.2. but I think its worth it.
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