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Nerdmanpap / 2009 Cobalt LS XFE / Texas


I purchased my cobalt on 12/23/2009 and paid it off this year on 12/17/2010. Sticker price for my car was $16,330 but my grandfather worked for General Motors and I walked out the door right around $12,100. My cobalt is an LS model XFE. I am currently 22 years old and have a passion for cars, and chose the cobalt as my first new car and began tinkering while rapidly paying down my auto loan. I bought my car with just 14 miles on it and have enjoyed it since day one, although I will admit it is far from the perfect automobile. This is also my first time owning a manual transmission vehicle. Below is a picture of my car the day after I purchased it.

To give you an idea of what my car looks like today, here is a current picture of my car almost exactly 1 year after purchase (if you keep reading you'll see the progression of upgrades and mods I have done to my cobalt):

Since I bought my car without any extra options, my first upgrade was to buy custom fit floor mats, a shorter antenna, and some carbon fiber pedal covers. Pictures of these are below:

Front floor mats:

Rear floor mats:

New pedal covers:

While researching on forums I stumbled upon a power lock kit on amazon for $85, here is a shot of my power locks as I installed them:

Once I had power locks installed I began looking into some performance mods. Over the course of the next few months I installed a TWM short throw shifter, the GMPP Performance Exhaust, and an INJEN cold air intake. Once I finished those mods I decided to spruce up my engine bay by removing the plastic engine cover and getting my valve cover powdercoated. The color for the engine cover is Lemans Blue.



With those upgrades completed I was pretty satisfied with the performance of my cobalt, and I started looking around at different options for upgrading my wheels. I looked far and wide and eventually decided that I really like the 5 spoke aluminum alloys that were a limited run on previous year cobalts. Of course I realized that my brakes would be much more viewable with higher end wheels, so I bought a G2 brake caliper paint kit:










GHETTO (sold my hubcaps a few weeks before I got my new wheels):


You might notice that my car originally had a spoiler, but does not now. I actually paid the extra cost for the dealer to add the spoiler on, but because of a very sloppy install I went back to the dealership 6 months later and had a new trunk lid installed to correct rust issues with the original trunk and spoiler. For now my car is wingless and will stay that way for a good while I suspect. Here are some more pictures of my car starting from oldest to most recent.

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Keep it up, good job on the early payoff, you saved yourself a boatload of interest.
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Thanks! Way more pictures incoming. I've been lurking on this forum for pretty much an entire year. I got some pretty cool photos I hope you'll enjoy

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nice car!! may i ask how difficult and how long did you wait after you painted your calipers and drums before driving again or letting them dry??? thanks for any info

2010 cobalt SS/TC
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Sick car, can you tell me what power lock kit you bought and how well its working?

Mods: Third brake light decal and err nothing else

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that valve cover is sick

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rever3nce: bit of a long answer -> painting the brake calipers was a bit of a pain since I fully disassembled the calipers so I could paint them better. I know several people who just masked them off while still on the car and painted as good as they could and it started flaking on them and was nearly worn off after a year. They also used the crappy autozone paint though. The hard part was plugging the brake lines so they wouldn't continually leak on me while the calipers were off. Other than that its pretty simple. On the G2 brake caliper paint kits you mix the reactor in and you have 4 hours to paint, and then a 24 hour cure time. I reassembled my fronts after letting them dry for 7 hours (they were only slightly tacky) and I let my car sit for 48 hours before driving. The rears I let sit and dry on my workbench for the full 48 hours before putting them back on

Profficial: I bought the AutoLoc CK2000 kit, it works great, the only flaw is that the range isn't as far as OEM would be. For the price I paid I'm very happy though, and the bottom line is it pops your locks before you get to the car which is the desired result

boosted06ss: Thanks! Next time we get a clear sunny day I'll add more pictures of it. It looks amazing in the sun

Here's a close up of the painted brakes and new wheels/tires. I'm really happy with how everything came out



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