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Gopi Hira's 2008 LT Sedan

hey peoples this is from another thread i had turned it into my main car thread but i decided to post it here as well to hopefully be part of YCOTM entry

okay just copy n paste the progress of my car...

alright guys lets talk springs first, when my car was stock (2008 LT sedan) it was from the ground to the top of the fender it sat 26" in the front and about 27" rear. i did have a rake a inch difference, here is a picture of my stock springs installed in the rear... (hopefully the link works).... okay so i decided to get eibach sportlines for a drop and crossed my fingers that the ride would be decent for a lowered car since they are progressive rate i bought struts/shocks as well..dont bash me on this i wanted struts right away so i bought Monroe Sensa-trac struts (autozone) front...they came with a lifetime warranty so if they blow i can swap for new ones, ill let you know how long they last, i live in California and in the valley (Yuba City),l the roads are not bad. okay here is a picture of my sportlines not installed by looking at the springs you can see that they are progressive from the distance from each coil, i did some research and the rate is 97 and 220 spring rate...closer coils are 97 and 220 is the bottom for the rears..fronts i believe are the same but less 97 coils..and more 220 coils...hopefully that makes sense... ...but once installed with weight they look like this....REAR....the shorter coils have collapsed completely! that i was not expecting..FRONT .okay in all honesty i went from 27" rear stock to 26" slightly more..i can take pictures to show you after but i did not take pictures of the measurement before, and my front went from 26" to 25" slightly less but not a half an inch. i was measuring by 1" or .5" i didn't care about numbers in between. the ride was rougher that i expected probably because the dead coils in the rear...front is perfect i have no complaints, the rear is stiff i cut bump stops according to the instructions. so my overall rating for sportlines is a 6/10 because of the dead coils...i assumed id have 97 rate before going straight to 220 rates...which is disappointing. okay anyone have other lowering springs installed that could take a picture of the rears and post appreciate it.....that was my rant of springs lolll

picture installed rear

okay now onto RIMS!!
i bought RAGE R20 rims they are 17x8 and 40+ offset they are a 5x110 and 5x114 they fit i tried them on the rear questions is for the front, will 8" wides hit the struts in the front? ill go get it checked out soon and ill let you guys know if i dont have a answer by is a picture of them...

okay my question is what size tires should i run on them and will 8" wides fit in the front with tires...or will i hit the strut? thank you for all your end goal is make my car look like this but with a less of a sever sure he/she is on coil-overs anyways loll

---------- Post added at 01:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:02 PM ----------

oh yeah. also these rims will clear brembos for the SS's out there loll i saw it on Google search up "Rage R20 cobalt" heres the link to the actual posting http://www.*************/forums/whee...wheels-311267/

and they are not hub have to buy hub rings i bout them from ebay aluminum ones for 10 bucks they are 73.1mm (wheels) to 65.1mm (cobalt) also you have to buy aftermarket lug nuts because stock ones are too fat...ebay as well (about 15 bucks for all 20 with a key) in total its about 25 bucks extra...i just need tires loll theyre sitting in my garage

and after that just the front bumper to go with the evo mod then im done with it.


Almost a week later (6 days) and my .10 cents: alright lets start to anyone who is thinking about buying the description from any website makes it sound like it will ride stock "excellent ride quality" "progressive rate" blah blah..that is why i decided to get these and truth be told with these you wont be a civic with the appearance of cut springs hoping around, you will NOT ride anywhere close to stock... or remotely. they do recover well after a bump..usually a dip and a rebound back, so get good shocks, bad shocks with these you will be bouncing a lot more. i have cheap shocks Monroe sensa-trac(for turbo/SS model) i checked no leaks or anything and they are riding pretty good! ...but i will update you if they die out quickly or start to leak..if you read this and theres no update...they are doing good!

(if update it will be here)

City driving: the first 3 days i was off work so i only drove city, and you will feel everything, i mean everything...there are roads that i avoid all together now because i know there's a nasty bump in a know your city well...i have yet to bottom out on the rear, bump stops are cut...i have yet to rub i doubt i will either...with stock 16s and at the moment i am sitting with a two finger gap all around (i will include pictures later on and update if they have settled or not) city driving 5.5/10

Highway Driving: compared to city driving highway driving is great! we usually have small bridges and they dip a little, nothing massive. i drove 180 miles (60 miles round trip x 3 days) and my assumption was 'ahh crap! city is this bad; on the highway ima be that one guy thats going 55mph because his car starts going "pogo" on anything above' i drove between 63mph (55 speed limit roads) and 75-80mph (65 speed limit roads) *this is california no one does the speed limit loll* and it handled very well... didnt bottom out on a deep decline after a bridge,the only one that made me cringe when i drove above it...i knew it was bad even with stock springs i would take the opposite of the tire tracks from other cars because it was slightly higher loll 8.5/10

Overall: these springs have grown on starting to like them...i think my expectations were to high; in my mind i was compairing them to stock and i wanted it to be like stock because of the descriptions about them (Progress, excellent ride) so when i drove in the city i instantly thought "these are not like stock!" and after having them for 6 days i have gotten used to them..i road in my friends 350z on tien springs and thats when i realized mine are not that bad loll his drop. they do take some getting used to..i was always a alert driver i would memorize bumps in the road even on stock if your careless driver dont get them..and i would not get them if i lived in the mountains or had really bad roads...i know for a fact i will not take this car to napa valley because of the rain ruined mountain roads. this will be my commuter like it always has been, they are eibach so they have a 1 million mile warranty so save your recepit and buy from a reputable dealer even from online...

i rate these springs 8/10, dead coils are there for a reason..during rebound so your spring does not fall out...(i showed them pictures to ask whats all this about! n they told me had a few friends whos fell out after a bump so im glad i have more dead coils loll) they honestly have grown on me and i like them now. i guess it was just a 'freakout' in the beginning because my expectations but you know how it is...expectations can kill a simple man loll

hopefully that helped someone decide! thanks for all your help

Update about the car:
(From Work in progress reply)

alright guys im a few steps closer so i thought id just make this thread into my main car check it out since the springs i did the brakes bought them online with 11" diameter rotors drilled and slotted, does it have a performance increase? i dunno i bought it for looks to be honest loll...bought the rotors and ceramic brake pads in front here is a picture...

2008 TPMS sensors look like this ...(maybe it will help someone out) ...i am not sure if all years are the same;someone can confirm...the valve stems need to be replaced as well i had to...i did not try swapping older ones over....

okay wheels and tires...i have rage r20s like i said (specs: 17x8 w 40 offset) tires i decided to run were (205/50r17) for a tiny stretch not major or little pictures will show so you can decide, went with 50s instead of 45s to prevent a bent wheel) okay pictures of the car so far...

Stretch....nothing major but did require a cheetah bead-seater! loll

wheel clearance

i dont think running 16x8 will work you would have to grind your strut i barely cleared them 18s would work but smaller tires to avoid the top....okay more pictures!



From snapchat loll

Flush with fenders

thats all so far next up front bumper loll

will update with that as well any questions feel free to ask away

alright guys n gals front bumper is finished! are the pictures and problems i ran time about a hour n half....difficulty pretty easy just a little time consuming task to get it perfect...i was able to finish without losing a single tool!...lost a little blood (fingers hurt) but that's tradition working on your car loll

okay it was raining outside so pictures are all in the garage :/ excuse the messy garage...



only issues i had were the fender brackets...since my car was in a little wreck long time ago the body shop decided to use rivets for the brackets! so i had to drill those out which took about 20 mins! fml and insert bolts and nuts to replace them...

the bumper brackets were perfect fit for the LT fenderwells above the other posts DIY it shows a gap between the fenderwells and the bumper...maybe they changed the style or shape but the bumper brackets i bought accommodated for the fenders as well...

above the slash is where the fender stops and the bumper falls below it....

you do not have to remove them(fender brackets)...its a snap in place set up...just press the bumper into them and it will attach...

here is another picture...

when both bumpers are off just swap over the top grille to the new bumper and the chevy emblem as well...i decided to plastidip mine white and the bar that runs across the top grille have a floating emblem...

finished product! only problems i ran into were the rivets from the autobody shop...

all that is done to it so far...

let me know what you guys think...
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dang. looks good. I got a 09 white cobalt and I wanna put a different front bumper on it. is it worth switching with the hassles?
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butters90: its worth it for the appearance bro, and its not really difficult to accomplish just make sure you have all the items you would need before switching it over. my SS bumper sat in my garage for about 2 weeks while i was gathering everything i needed. waiting for shipping n research on how to install. here is a list of what i used:

things i bought: SS bumper (SS/NA*my type*)...bumper brackets both sides....lower SS grille...a ton of bolts and nuts (in the box with a mixture of sizes* was very useful*)...and black and white plastidip

and the installation its basically removing headlights and headlight mounts and removing the 6 screws in your fenderwells and then removing bolts underneath and above by the grille and swapping over bumper parts...just give yourself alot of time to do this task and dont rush it; thats when you will break something. you also do not need to use a car jack you can simply turn your tires on direction to get the fender bolts becuase it is on the outter sides (3 each) but itll be alot harder to get bolts underneath without the car being raised i used a car jack and jackstands to get underneath but i did not have to remove the wheels. if you like i can make a simple youtube video about the screws i had to remove.

if you are okay/like the LTs front end then stick with it because its just cosmetic. i am noticing more people looking at my car when i drive by now tho way more than before. i am lowered on sportlines and have black wheels and this front end. so it is a attention grabber now! but check out my main thread where i copied this from its under suspension/wheels/brakes/tires and its called Eibach Sportlines and Rims.

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Looks awesome. I would take the door trim off next though
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swanman: thank you! hmmm not a bad idea loll ima add ghost lights(chevy logo) in the doors next week so i might do that as well ...

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i feel like an imposter SS now lolll my dad was even telling me why dont you just buy a new car loll
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Nah, not an imposter.. you improved the look of your car. With the door trim removed it makes it look much cleaner. But make sure you give yourself a good bit of time, it takes a little longer than you would think
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as long as you don't put ss badges your good to go

---------- Post added at 08:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:36 AM ----------

there used to be a member here who had a cobalt sport 2.4l and put ss badges on it. kept insisting the sport and ss 2.4l are the same car. it may be but the title don't say so. Poor kid got ragged on

Dropped Carbon Fiber SS, Project JDM

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i dont wanna 'walk the cobalt ships plank' like that kid did haha so no SS emblems for me. i think those cars were just labled as a sports model not a SS. i think im good with it now just the door lights and calling it done. trying not to over kill

my mods so far everything:
Wheels and tires: Rage r20 17x8 n 205/50/r17 tires
Tint: 5 rears and 35 fronts
Audio: 450watt amp for 6x9s (rated at 500watts) 4way full range
Brakes: front only :/ gayass drumb brakes in the rear :( drilled n slotted with ceramic cause it looks nice loll
Engine: a intake sitting in my garage (gotta put it on)basic nothing special loll no exhaust
cosmetic: front mud flaps delete and front bumper w evo mod removed the antenna
suspension: 2.0 drop front and 2.5 rear (sportlines)

thats it loll
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some new pictures...kinda dirty but its been raining every other day here for the past week so no use in washing it yet....

front bumper clearance...only thing i could find loll a old iphone case loll

Front gap

Rear gap

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