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Cobalt SS 2.4
This is my 2008 Cobalt Sport (SS) 2.4. I rented a new Victory Red (2006) a couple of years ago on a vacation to Florida. I REALLY liked the car, how it sat and drove, the view from the driver's seat etc. I just liked it! You know how it is, you just fit the car and like the way it feels when you sit in it. I decided then I was gonna get one, equipped the way I wanted it. (The "rental trim" didn't do a lot for me).
So,, I ordered mine in Imperial Blue with gray leather and automatic, Onstar and XM. It just came in last December. I really wanted the 5 speed, but had to give up the remote start on the keyless entry. Ha... I must be getting older! At this point, she's "Box Stock" except Lite-Glow bulbs in the headlamps and matching fog bulbs. GM pedal upgrade and 50% 3M tint all around.
Will probably do some minor upgrades in the near future. I have gotten a LOT of ideas from y'alls cars on here. Some REALLY nice looking rides posted and Ive learned a LOT from talking and posting with you.
This is a GREAT forum! Thanks for everything!




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Well your welcome, we help where we can!