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Posession Pakage called (Christine)
Moms old car she owned from brand new, i received it stock @ the end of april 2015 w/ 50k on her. Will post pics shortly & unfortunately i didn't get any of her stock because it is a dramatic change from what I've seen my mother driving since 07.
2015 Chevy Lt (Red)


2.2L automatic with a k & N cai & mini cone on the sai,I replaced the MAF with a JET performance MAF sensor & left the factory header (do to the sai)and ran it to a single high flow Magna Flo cat & downpipe connected to a 3" DNA cat back exaust & 3.5" muffler. Looking for advice on next steps & tune !!! While researching that I've Pulled off the engine, fuse & computer covers & custom fiber glassed & painted everything red & lit it all up with red & purple LED lighting. All the black wire loom I've replaced w/ red wire loom & matched intake color as well. To fill in the empty space where the oem air box was located i made a custom fuse panel for all the LED lights installed through out, then made a plexi glass cover & painted it red w/ a window left showing the sai cone & custom fuse panel(all for looks of course).
STOCK Black . Trim bezels & vents will be painted white, next on the to do list. For the moment I've managed to light the whole inside w/ red led lighting from the floor boards & center consul. The door pockets (upper & lower),& handles are all light with red lighting accents. Down the center consul I light the front & rear cup holders along with an accent light for the e brake handle all with purple LED lights to set off the red. I also put purple lighting in the arm rest storage area.(not a visible LED strip, bulb, or wiring) All the extra lighting is powered by a custom made fuse panel under the hood. These lights can be turned on or off with a LED toggle switch mounted in the center consul or with the cars ignition.
Front- replaced headlights to black duel halo led projectors, cut out factory upper grill installed high gloss black billit grill, lower bumper installed high gloss black mesh grill (3) no factory fogs, installed thin mount led fogs under the bumper in front of skirt, custom red/black /white camo bow tie, & put a smoked bug gaurd on her. All the wheel wells undercoated & I also painted over with high gloss black as well as the pinch welds down the sides. The rear cosmetic spare tire cover i also removed & painted high gloss black & put back on w zink nuts so no rust. I removed all the badges & pin stipes except front bow tie. On the roof i painted the rain channels high gloss black, & finally got rid of stock tail & rev lenses & put smoked leds on her, & 5% tint on the back windows. Left the doors clean, Sorry i installed a set of rain guards on them.
Alpine Bluetooth /usb head unit, all interior speakers i replaced w/ JL audio component's & amped by Alpine, custom amp rack built into the back seat (no unwanted visible wiring) w/ power fuse, distribution box's for + & neg wires, phoenix gold bass cube ran to a 500 watt JL Audio amp powering a JL Audio 12" sub (Alpine 4 channel behind the dash). This entire amp rack is white & light with more red LED lighting. Through the trunk you see this display looking through a custom fitted plexi glass window along side of the 12" ported enclosure for the sub woofer. I relocated the trunk light & then accented the sub woofer w red lighting as well.
Dropped 2" fr & rr & kyb shocks rr w/ toe straps cut & attched to the shock bolts to prevent lowering springs from becoming unseated when lifted. Up front replaced control arms, end links/swaybar & lower ball joints w/ moog. Still riding stock struts though (on the to do list) brakes i replaed w slotted vented rotors & ceramic pads & replaced the rr drums & shoes w/ the best of whats available for her.
Wheel and Tire
I put some 17" double spoked star pattern black & red drag rims w/ falcon 225/45 17's on her. Didn't want to go to big on rim & to small on rubber. I do like a comfortable ride & I live in Upstate NY with these wonder roads.


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