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Lancer Evolution IX MR SE
Graphite Grey
MR package
I'm the second owner of this car. This car is the Evo IX (9) MR SE (Special Edition). The SE is the exact same thing as the mr when it comes to the interior and suspension and rims, however, the only differences between the MR and MR SE, is the SE has a 5spd MT rather than a 6spd MT, and the SE doesn't have vortex generators on the roof. Besides that, they are identical
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR SE (Graphite Grey)


**Build In Progress AGAIN**
*Current as of 11-4-13*

4g64 block (no longer 4g63)
-Manley 9.1:1 CR stroker pistons
-Manley Turbo Tuff I beam rods with ARP 625 studs 156mm
-Manley Forged 100mm Crank
-Fully Ported and port matched MiVEC head w/ MiVEC disabled
-GSC S2 274/274 Evo 8 Cams
-AEM Truetime Cam Gears
-Kiggly Racing HP valve springs and titanium retainers
-SS valves with back cutting for better flow transition
-5 angle valve seat job
-Bronze valve guides
-Felpro permatorque 5 layer head gasket
-Magnus v2 Intake Manifold
-70mm TB
-FIC 2150cc Bluemax injectors
-T3 Evil Engineering twin scroll Exhaust Manifold
-Dual Tial 44mm WG's, DTA
-Forced Performance Garrett GT3794HTA turbo
-ETS 3in Charge Piping w/ Tial Q BOV
-ETS 4in Core FMIC
-Full 3in Exhaust (completely exhaust wrapped from mani back)
-Double Pumper Fuel pump setup w/ Dual Aeromotive 400lph e85 pumps
-AN Fuel lines (not going to say which size lol)
-Aeromotive FPR
-Aeromotive Fuel Rail
-AEM TruBoost EBC
-Intake Manifold/Exhaust manifold PNP with Port matching to head
-ARP Main Studs
-ARP Head Studs
-4in inlet cone filter for intake
-AEM 5bar MAP sensor
-AEM IAT sensor
-Haltech EMS
-Mini Battery kit
-SS oil feed line
-AN oil return line

I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting, that is just the engine tho.
Triple 52mm a-pillar gauge pod with Boost, Wideband, and Oil Pressure gauges.

Shift knob

HKS Turbo Timer

Cobra Radar Detector
debadged a little w/ custom badging and tinted tail lights
Pioneer Premier DEH-660 CD Player
Volfenhag 4000watt amp
Polk DB 12's in a custom Box
Polk DB 6.5 rear speakers

Future: KSport Coilovers
Wheel and Tire

Future: Some kind of black offset 18in rims and my tires are always Hankook Ventus RS3 255/40/17's for now until I get my 18s



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