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Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe
I just got this from the local Chevy dealer in mid September 2011 with 18,000 miles. Whole car is factory stock except floor mats which were missing. Car bought in Aug 2007 turned back to dealer with ~6000 miles in Dec 2007. Carfax says dealer had accident. Another owner put another 10K miles and then local dealer got it. Very slight dent on rear bumper.
2007 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe (Red)


Eaton M62 Roots type supercharger and air-to-liquid intercooler, LSJ Ecotec 2.0L 205 hp and 200 ft-lb torque, 16valve DOHC, 4 banger w/ sodium filled exhaust valves, oil spray cooled pistons.

5 speed manual transmission, limited slip differential, torque steer control, 4W disk brakes w/ ABS.
Height and tilt adjustable leather bucket seats (heated bottom and back) stitched with white SS logo, tinted retractable sun roof, tilt leather wrapped steering wheel, leather covered shifter on 5 speed manual transmission. Rear view mirror includes Onstar and car phone. Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning are so-so (anemic). Also has fog lights, rear window defroster, variable speed wipers, and power windows, locks, and side mirrors. On the steering wheel are cruise control, information, and audio controls. Gages include: 0-160 MPH, fuel, tachometer, and supercharger boost.
Very slight dent on rear bumper from previous owner.

Also, two very slight nicks near rear license plate. I was rear ended while sitting at a traffic light about an hour after I drove it off the dealer lot. I was in front, and just as the light turned green; two people behind me zoomed up and rear ended each other and then me.
Very nice premium Pioneer sound system with AM/FM/ CD, MP3 input, and XMS radio, with rear sub woofer.

I put a phone mount on front window so I can use my Android phone with the Torque app. I have a bluetooth ODBC adapter plugged into the computer diagnostic port.
McPherson struts in front and I-beam torsion bar and shocks in the back.
Wheel and Tire
18" alloy wheels, P215/45R18 Kumo mud and snow tires.



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