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Cobalt ls
Blue/Purple metallic
All stock (base) only power is the steering
Wife rear-ended a tahoe so hoods bent up. Old man backed into driver side right behind driver door. Scratches in random areas from fuckin kids in the apartment complex.
The interior is great, got aftermarket touchscreen head unit, 1 12 & 1 amp mounted to back seat. 1 set of blue LED's that brighten up the inside. My spare 360 installed but the power inverter I was using has blown both fuses in the lighters, replaced fuse for lighter that's under the A/C controls but for the lighter in front of the e-brake I can't find a place for the fuse to replace it & on the fuse box it's not marked or showing that their is another lighter so if you know or have advice for repair definitely hit me up
2006 Chevy Cobalt ls (Blue/Purple metallic)


All stock 2.2 unfortunately. I'm always looking for aftermarket upgrades for all parts of the car so if your local to Carrollton, Ga. tell me what you got for sale
Discussed in history of car.
If you read it & have an idea for my second 12v lighter by e-brake send a msg on where fuse is located in fuse box since it's not marked on fuse box or possible problems.
Under construction to being almost completely unbearable to look at thanks to the kids that live in the same apartmnt complex as me who aren't disciplined enough by their guardians.
7" touch screen head unit (JVC)
1 12" sub in custom enclosure
1 planet audio amp mounted to driver side rear seat

Soon installing 15" drop down tv w/ DVD player in roof in center of car 4" behind front seat headrests & a tv screen in each headrest.
Wheel and Tire
Aftermarket on the car when I purchased so I'm not sure, I know their too small by far so if your selling some decent condition, nice rims w/ tires let me know


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