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  1. 2006 Cobalt No Spark

    Problems and Service
    I have a 2006 cobalt with the 2.2 in it. The engine locked up so we got the 2.2 out of a 2007 hhr. Everything hooks up 100% except the 2007 version has vvt plugs. I'm not getting any spark and the engine ran fine in the hhr (hhr was totaled due to rear end). We've checked all fuses and relays...
  2. Need Help to Program Fob, Not Key, 2007 Cobalt

    Problems and Service
    Hello, I'm a new member here on yourcobalt and have been reading many different posts on re-programming the key fobs for different years. It seems like the 2007 is an anomaly and you have to have the dealer or someone with some specific scanner to reprogram. I have a very rudementary DIC...
  3. Parting Out 07 Cobalt Ls

    New Member Introductions
    I'm only here bc i am parting out my cobalt LS n this was the first place that i would think would want in on this. I cant send any private messages bc i dont have 10 posts or something :/ email me! my username on this website yall take it easy
  4. P0128 and No Engine Coolant Temp Reading

    Problems and Service
    2007 Cobalt LT -- have cleared P0128 several times in the last few months, finally took the advice shown here on another post and replaced the thermostat. Mine looked like the one in the other post photo with the inner gasket/seat torn up. It was the original one, car has about 72k miles. No...
  5. Starting Issue

    Problems and Service
    Hi everyone, I am experiencing a starting issue with my 2007 LS (2.2 L61 f23). If I turn the key from off to crank, the car will crank for a split second then stop. On the second turn it will start but sometimes will start at a low RPM and stumble slightly to the normal cat-warm up RPM ~1500...
  6. '07 LT->SS Bumper Cover

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hi guys! Quick question for ya: I have a '07 LT coupe and need to replace only the front bumper cover, not the bar underneath. I would like to upgrade to the SS version 19120184 and have the bottom lip included, but am wondering if it will mount correctly to my LT. I know the bumper I busted up...
  7. 2007 Cobalt LT Car Wont Shut Off

    Problems and Service
    Hey guys i'm having a really weird problem with my cobalt LT 2007. There seems to be two common problems that occur each day. 1st: when im driving my car, all of a sudden all the odometers drop (gas, rpm and speed) and the emergency break light comes up (red ! with the circle around it) and...
  8. Chevy Colbalt '07 Running Hot

    Problems and Service
    Mechanic recently changed water pump, thermostat and head gasket. when we got the car back from the mechanic the car temperature kicks up to 235-245 and the emergency fan comes on, which I hear is normal when the car hits that temperature. why would it be running at 235 when it should be running...
  9. Anyone Have Any Wheels for Sale?

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  10. Same As 2007 SS?

    Engine Mods
    I have a 2008 Cobalt Sport Coupe, 2.4L motor. I have done some research and I am led to believe that this is the same motor that is in the 2007 SS, sans sc. Is this correct? Right now it is bone-stock, and I am looking to get a couple of bolt-ons right now (exhaust, intake) but I need to be...