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  1. Problems and Service
    On my 2005 Cobalt LS, I have a parasitic power drain that happens unless I remove the relay plugged into the Cool SER/PAR slot in the fuse box under the hood. This is a 2.2 L and from what I have read online there is not supposed to be a relay in that slot for this model. Does anyone know what...
  2. New Member Introductions
    So I'm new to this so I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible. My 06 cobalt 2.2 just cut out on me the other day . Not getting her to fire up . So I started the normal trouble shooting. Scan for codes nothing but 02 sensor. Went and crawled under to check everything under by the...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have a red Cobalt 2LT with sport appearance package and I think 2.2 engine and I'm not sure how I want to mod it although I've read this thread and even printed a copy. I sent it to my cousin also who...
  4. Problems and Service
    Hello everyone, I need a little help here because I am very confused and need help picking a starting point. I have a 2008 cobalt ls, 2.2L 5 speed. I have had this car since 2008, it is my first car, she just turned 100k miles last year, and she is my baby! The last three years I have been...
  5. Engine Mods
    I know this is my 3rd post on the engine mods forum within the past few weeks, but just trying to make sure that I’m thinking everything through correctly before I make a commitment and buy these parts. I’ve ultimately come down to the decision that I’m going to stay naturally aspirated. I...
  6. Engine Mods
    So I’ve decided that later down the line, I’m going to supercharge my engine. I’ve heard going the zzp route is bad, how would I piece together my own kit, and what parts of my engine would I need to change? I have an injen SRI and tsudo 2.25 in catback currently installed on the car. I plan to...
  7. Engine Mods
    I have a 2009 2.2 LAP auto trans cobalt. I ordered a tsudo catback Exhaust and an Injen CAI. Intake is in but still waiting on the the exhaust. I was unsure about what to buy initially but some digging and research and I eventually found that ordering cheap parts off of amazon wasn’t the best...
  8. Problems and Service
    Just when I thought I had my cobalt sorted it starts making weird noises. Video link below. The noise seems to come from the timing chain area. I replaced the timing chain/guides/tensioner 12k miles ago, the car's at 127k now. I just took off the valve cover, there's no slack on the timing...
  9. New Member Introductions
    What's up guys? Thanks for having me. I am a new cobalt owner, first one. 08 LT. I've owned saturns before so I'm familiar with em. I'm just ready to get to work on it!
  10. Engine Mods
    If i put a cherrybomb glass pack 12" on my 2.2, how would it sound? and would it be worth it? Thanks.
  11. Engine Mods
    would a aftermarket ss exhaust fit on the 2.2 engine i really like the megan racing cat back but i dont wanna get it if it doesnt fit
  12. Engine Mods
    anyone out there do a lot of bolt-ons to a 2010 2.2? mainly the exhaust, intake and manifolds and throttle body? just wondering if the changes are possible with the 2.4 parts on the 2.2 LAP, i know there is a lot of info about the older models with the L61 but i cant find anything on changes...
  13. Engine Mods
    i want some headers for my 2.2 and ive heard these are good. opinions??
  14. Engine Mods
    i have all stock exhaust besides a 4" megan racing muffler, i like the tone but not how quite it is. my friend said i should take out the stock resinator, if i do that how would i go about it?? would i just put a pipe right in its place or what. i also have been looking into getting a cat back...
  15. Audio/Video
    I went to Best Buy and a local stereo install place and they said it would be a grand pain in the ass to put a flip up headunit in my 2007 LS bolt. Can I get some input on this? Would it be a waste to buy a $300 headunit if it is a ***** to install?
  16. Engine Mods
    I want to beat a 3.8 firebird or camaro. Maybe even get a little bit more ballsy and beat some v8 cars. I have a K&N. That is it. I figure catback will do it some good but I need to know what the cheapest way to make it a fast little car. -Thank You
  17. Engine Mods
    So I'm debating on what I want to do with my car next. I have 2.2L LT with a injen cold air intake and B&M Shift plus (not really performance but nice to have). Would getting Vibrant headers/downpipe combo with 2.4 mani+ 2.4TB and 45# injectors with a tune give me a pretty big boost of power...
  18. Maintenance
    Personally I'd recommend changing the oil yourself, the 20 bucks you pay to get it changed you get crappy regular oil with a crappy cheap filter. My oil change costs me ~30 bucks for Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil + a decent filter. Walmart has 5qt jugs of Mobil 1 for ~25 bucks (much cheaper than...
1-18 of 21 Results