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2.4 manifold

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    Does the 2009 Cobalt 2.2L Lap already have the 2.4L Intake Manifold and throttle body?
  2. 2008 2.4 Manifold

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    i got a 2008 2.2 and i want to put in a 2.4 intake manifold but on crateengine they say that they didnt test it on the 2008 yet. my questions are: will the 2.4 fit on my 2.2? and is it a PITA to install?
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    O.K. Top News I just installed the T.W.M. Performance Short Shifter on the Albino Skunk, I have to say it looks beautiful & feels even better, Thank you lord for the wisdom & know how on installing this Part...Pic's Coming Soon. Last week was the custom Shorty Antenna Mod. I cut my stock...