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  1. 2LT 2.2 Not Sure What to Do

    Engine Mods
    my cousin has a ford car with an intake box and a ram air and that sounds cool. He has two turbos also but I don't really need those as my cousin says they take too much fine tuning and I heard elsewhere I would have to start on premium fuel. My muffler is stock I think and it just has an end...
  2. Suspension Feels Odd

    suspension feels odd I have been driving it for two years and lately it feels odd and I just can't place it my dad drove it recently once for 10 or 20 minutes and he attributes it to "sport suspension" since it's a 2LT it was just at the dealer for fixing the brakes so there shouldn't be...
  3. Red Cobalt 2LT 4 Door Sport Appearance 2.2

    New Member Introductions
    I have a red Cobalt 2LT with sport appearance package and I think 2.2 engine and I'm not sure how I want to mod it although I've read this thread and even printed a copy. I sent it to my cousin also who...