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  1. 09 lt shift knob size?

    I've bought my 2009 Chevy Cobalt, and I love the car except I find the shift knob to be atrocious. I'm looking at some aftermarket ones, and can't find out which size I need. Really appreciate your help, I'm sure I'll be a regular on here now! Thanks!
  2. Swap Steering Wheel

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    I want to take my stock steering wheel out of my 08 LT. Was thinking of putting a Grant 702 in to replace it. I know I'll lose the airbag, but is there anything else to take into consideration? Or anything to worry about? ? Anyone with firsthand knowledge? I just want to know more about what I'm...
  3. Aftermarket Exhaust

    Install Guides/DIY
    Still running the stock exhaust on my 2010 cobalt 2.2 L . I´m looking for an exhaust that will add a nice clean sound. Nothing too loud but something that will add a more sporty / not mail truck sound. Will this affect performance at all by increasing airflow? or will it not make a difference...
  4. Chevy Cobalt Power Window Conversion [Video]

    Install Guides/DIY
    Hey all, I was installing power windows into my '07 LS Cobalt coupe and decided to stitch together some video I took while doing so a few months back. If I get more free time I may go back and record a more proper video, but the general idea for the installation should come across quite well in...
  5. 09 Cobalt Ls 4dr Installing a Aftermarket Stereo Need a Few Info Bits!

    i just got a 09 cobalt ls 4dr and am wanting to install a double din stereo . the car has xm and onstar but no steering controls but i dont want to use onstar or xm. i have already ordered LC-GMRC-LAN-03 and the antenna adapter, along with a dash kit . also ordered my stereo with speakers ...
  6. Carbon Fiber Hood.

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Hey everyone, I've been online shopping for a nice carbon fiber hood for my 2007 cobalt ss. only problem is... im from canada, and there doesnt seem to be much in canada...that I can find that is. Im not wanting to pay 300+ for shipping from the states, and then get charged at the border out...
  7. Aftermarket Control Arm Suggestions?

    Posted on here a few months ago and found out my control arm bushing had worn out. Easy fix right? No big deal right? WRONG. After eight long hours on a frozen concrete floor in a cramped garage I finally managed to fix the problem. They suggested to do both at the same time, but I am a firm...
  8. Aftermarket Installation Problems!! Help Please.

    Okay so here is what I have. A 06 SS/SC A Pioneer DEH-X8500BH Head Unit. Have the Yellow/Silver(Pioneer) attached to constant ground Red/White(factory) Ground to Ground Red/Silver (Pion) to Pink (Fac)- Switched Blue/Silver(Pion) to Light Green (Fact)- Remote and Orange (Pioneer) to Drk/Green...
  9. Aftermarket Speakers

    Hey guys, I had a couple questions. I drive a 2010 Cobalt coupe, the base module. And I'm looking at getting some aftermarket speakers, but I know nothing about speakers. What size and module would I need? I'm looking at getting some JL Audio, but I noticed they're are about 5 different modules...