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  1. Engine Mods
    I'm looking to purchase a used k&n cold air intake kit for a 08 cobalt for anyone who has super charged and no longer needs.
  2. Problems and Service
    Hi everyone, New the site; first post! Have an issue with my 2008 Cobalt LT air fan. For some reason, my fan is being weird and only turning on every once in awhile. E.g. One day I will start my car, turn on my fan, and it'll blow solid, cold air right in my face. Later that day, I will hop in...
  3. Engine Mods
    I had my airbox cover/lid not fully closed for about a day or so, and I really loved the sound I was getting from my car! It sounded more throaty! The Cover wasn't open a lot just enough to have a bit of more air flow and it created more noise. I want to open it back up again and dont really...
  4. Engine Mods
    for some reason my engine light comes on once a month regarding a air sensor or some type of sensor? any help on what that could be on a 2006 cobalt
  5. Problems and Service
    I've recently had my blower motor replaced and tested and it is getting all the power it needs, as well as a new climate control unit but it.. and still nothing. Today I replaced my blower motor resister and it is still not blowing out anything from the vents. Any ideas??
  6. Problems and Service
    When I originally bought my 2006 LS cobalt (used), of course the air conditioner was working great. 4 days later I wreck it and destroyed the original ac unit.. I got my car back and it was working great. I had to recharge it once but for about 3 months everything was fine. I got in my car one...
  7. Problems and Service
    so, the floor heat/ac stopped working on my 08 cobalt ls, the front and defrost vents seem to still work like they are supposed to though. when I turn the dial to go to the floor setting, I can hear stuff In the dash switching, but still just barely a trickle of air comes out of the floor vents...
  8. Problems and Service
    ok, i thought i fixed the problem but apperantly not. sometimes when i have a passenger in my car on the front seat, the service airbag comes on and when i turn my car off and back on, it goes away and comes back another time. it never comes on when im alone but when someone sits on it. could...
  9. Interior
    No tools required. Open your glove box. There are 2 tabs on either side of the glove box. Press those inwards, this will allow the Glove box to fall. Look behind the glove box and you will see a flap with 3 clips. Unclip those with your fingers and pull downwards. The Air filter is...
  10. Engine Mods
    how do you know if your balt has the SAI? I heard the 06 models have it but was about the 07?
  11. Engine Mods
    I recently took my resonator off for deeper sound. Its noticeably deeper around 3000-4000 rpms, but it feels like ive lost some power and also throttle response seems slower. Anyone else have this problem? Is this even possible to happen? [0-60 seems slower too.] ???
1-11 of 12 Results