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  1. Security Lock Out and Airbag Light and Power Steering Light!!!

    Problems and Service
    This is my first post in this forum. I have a 2007 cobalt ls 2.4L but today i was wiring a switch to my interior lights under my dash. i used my HVAC fuse to wire them so they would turn on when the key was turned and turned off when it wasn't turned. as i was doing this i heard my car ding and...
  2. Airbag Light?? Help!

    Problems and Service
    i drove my 2008 chevy cobalt LT sedan home from a 45 min drive, no lights no problems no codes, worked perfectly, then in the morning as soon as i started it my airbag light came on and "service airbag" was shown, since then the light has no turned off and the passenger airbag is working...